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Canadian Doctor Tells Sen. Richard Burr To GTFO About Single-Payer Healthcare. But Politely, In Canadian

Thank you for posting this. The ER comment is absurd. The ER CANNOT and does not even attempt to treat a multitude of fatal conditions from lupus to cancer to dental abscess. The ER is so far from a healthcare solution that it would be laughable except for the real suffering going on:-/

The Fifth Column

What? Richard, not Raymond? Oooh, Burrn.

The following exchange between a Canadian Doctor and a Senator at a hearing for happened a couple of days ago.

I saw Ari Melber mention this clip while hosting the Rachel Maddow Show tonight.  Dr. Daniel Martin gives Sen. Richard Burr a polite but hard-hitting smackdown when he asked her about the problems in the Canadian Health System.


So this was a rather beautiful exchange in a Senate hearing on single-payer healthcare Tuesday. Sen. Richard Burr, who we are informed did not play either Perry Mason or Robert T. Ironside, was ready to come down like a million-pound shithammer on Canadian doctor Danielle Martin from Toronto, Canadaland, about that country’s complete failure to provide healthcare that even keeps people in Canastan alive and doesn’t kill them while they wait for treatment in an alley. Sadly for Burr, Dr. Martin didn’t even accept the premise of his questions, and set…

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Scientists Working On Infrared-Based Renewable Energy

Thank you for sharing this!


Harvard physicists Federico Capasso (left), Steven J. Byrnes (right), and Romain Blanchard propose a new way to harvest renewable energy. (Photo by Eliza Grinnell, SEAS Communications.) Harvard physicists Federico Capasso (left), Steven J. Byrnes (right), and Romain Blanchard propose a new way to harvest renewable energy. (Photo by Eliza Grinnell, SEAS Communications.)

Thanks to the Harvard School of Engineering And Applied Sciences for this press release of important renewable energy scientific news:

Infrared: A new renewable energy source?


By Caroline Perry

When the sun sets on a remote desert outpost and solar panels shut down, what energy source will provide power through the night? A battery, perhaps, or an old diesel generator? Perhaps something strange and new.

Physicists at the Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS) envision a device that would harvest energy from Earth’s infrared emissions into outer space.

Heated by the sun, our planet is warm compared to the frigid vacuum beyond. Thanks to recent technological advances, the…

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Secret TPPA? (Yes way). No Way!

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Snoopman News

Join the Nationwide Rally to oppose secret negotiations on investor rights, March 29

Stop the Corporate Boot: Snoopman News reports the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA) is part of a broader global neo-colonial project.Stop the Corporate Boot:Snoopman News reports the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA) is part of a broader global neo-colonial project.

The Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA) is a ‘free market’ economic circuit deal between twelve Asian and Pacific-rim countries, that favours wealthy investors’ commercial rights over the needs, human rights and aspirations of ordinary people. The TPPA is being negotiated in secret between corporate lobbyists and government representatives from: Australia, Brunei, Chile, Canada, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore, the United States, and Vietnam.[i]

The March 29 anti-Trans-Pacific Partnership Rally in New Zealand is sponsored by: The New Council of Trade Unions, Oxfam New Zealand, Greenpeace, Maritime New Zealand, Campaign Against Foreign Control of Aotearoa (CAFCA), Tertiary Education Union, Post Primary Teachers Association (PPTA), First Union, Service and Food Workers Union (SFWU), Green Party of…

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East Harlem Building Collapse – The United States of Rubble – Esquire


They’re still clearing away the debris along Park Avenue in Harlem. A natural gas explosion already has taken six lives officially, and there likely will be more victims to be found. People said they saw pianos flying through the air. And then, of course, there’s this:

Less than two weeks before two East Harlem buildings exploded leaving at least six dead, Consolidated Edison workers checked the 127-year-old gas main in front of the site and found no apparent leaks, according to a ConEd spokesman.
A 127-year old pipe.

This might have been a bridge in Indiana, or a levee in Mississippi, or a potholed highway on the Kansas plains. Instead, it was a cast-iron pipe that was laid down in the first Cleveland administration. The country is falling apart. Everybody knows it. (Yesterday, on my usual morning walk along the Charles, I crossed a footbridge over the river and stepped over what appeared to be a fault line in the middle of the span. You could see the geese swimming by below. And the Commonwealth — God save it! — is one of the states that takes this sort of seriously.) In 1984, when he ran for president, Gary Hart, American Cassandra that he is, warned the country about its crumbling infrastructure. He pounded the theme so relentlessly that people mocked him for it. But he was right, and the problem is worse now than it was.

The country needs some combination of the WPA and the space program to put itself back together again. Real unemployment is stubbornly in the low double digits. Meanwhile, bridges fall into rivers, and sinkholes devour houses, and 127-year old gas pipes explode and kill people. And yet we’re too lazy, or too goddamn cheap, to tax ourselves to rebuild what everybody with eyes knows needs to be rebuilt. In 2011, the president proposed a $60 billion infrastructure bill as part of a hobs package. It died in the Senate. He beat the drum for an “infrastructure bank.” The Republicans in the House voted 50 times to repeal his health-care law. This is what John Boehner, that fop, said about the idea.

Republicans responded by saying they also wanted to upgrade American roads, bridges and other infrastructure, but only if it could be paid for. Speaker John A. Boehner’s office distributed comments he made last month after Mr. Obama’s State of the Union address. “It’s easy to go out there and be Santa Claus and talk about all the things you want to give away,” Mr. Boehner said. “But at some point, somebody has to pay the bill.”
Go to Harlem today, Mr. Speaker. The bill is being paid in blood.

As recently as the end of January, the president was still cajoling the Congress to do something about the problem. Meanwhile, they’re clearing the debris on Park Avenue and looking for bodies and it’s just another day in the United States Of Rubble.