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The Oracle Report | Tuesday, March 18, 2014

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Full Moon Phase: illumination, realization, fulfillment, shadow, experience

Moon in Libra

Just like the sky above us, the zodiac is comprised of 360 degrees. From our position on Earth, it appears as though the Sun has traveled almost full circle. We reach the last two days before this circuit completes. These are the last two days of the Sun in Pisces. In astrology, new energy begins to enter when the Sun moves into Aries, the first sign, once again.

Then, when the Moon catches up in about twelve more days, we have the exact date of the natural new year and the imprint of energy for the year.

Pisces energy goes far out into other lands and realms. It seeks reunion with Source. It keenly feels the perceived separation from Source. The energy always pronounces whatever we feel is missing from our lives.

Today, with the Moon making conjunction with Mars while Mars is retrograde, the tendency is to act out anger or depression about these “missing” things. These actions are befuddled because the energy does not favor action right now. It favors the inner world. Action begins to be favored when the Sun moves into Aries in a couple of days, and then really unleashes things at the New Moon in Aries on March 30.

The message here is to not jump the gun, so to speak. Don’t make false starts. This is not energy for starting. It’s energy for preparing to start. It requires that we are receptive to messages, inspiration, and illumination from higher sources. It’s hard to hold this field of energy/mindset when the energy is starting to move under the surface. We want to run but we have to hold and make sure everything is clear.

That said, reactions that come out during Mars retrograde are important events. They signal what needs to be altered. The release helps us move on to other things because we clear room. But containing it so that it is under your own control is the goal. If depression or anger well up for you or if someone does something today that unsettles you, remember that this is part of the day’s energy. Energy changes all the time. It undergoes a big change when the Sun comes up again.

A deeper understanding of the nature of today’s energy may also help. The energy for illumination – understanding, realization, insight, inspiration – is exceptionally high. We are in the Full phase of the Moon, when luminosity is greatest. The degree of the position of the Sun today (in traditional astrology; clearly this is relative based on observations from indigenous people and observant people) is “light breaking into many colors as it passes through a prism.” We get the full spectrum today. Breaking things down into their parts helps to see the bigger picture. Knowing that this is the true nature of the energy helps put the Moon-Mars anger and depression element in perspective. Wisdom lies behind the emotional fog. See through to that, not what is showing up in smoke and mirrors. Focus on the prism of light breaking through into many colors. Watch, listen, and learn from the lesson, the teaching, the illumination that is being revealed.

A lot is happening around us. Let’s stay on time with nature, not get swept up into other timelines. Connect with the energy of this time of year as we prepare to refresh.


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