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The Oracle Report | Wednesday, March 19, 2014

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Full Moon Phase: illumination, realization, fulfillment, shadow, experience

Moon in Scorpio

The fullest expression of the energy that is imprinted at New Moons comes during Full Moon phases. Since the energy that was imprinted at the New Moon in Pisces back on March 1 was “travelers on a narrow path seeking illumination,” we are now in the “illumination” stage.

Here’s the thing: we may not know it yet. This is because the cycle isn’t over. We still have the Disseminating Moon phase, which begins tomorrow and is the time of the month when we share what we have come to understand and believe or where we think we want to go with things. We receive feedback, insight, and more information. It takes the energetics of a Disseminating Moon phase, and the interplay of information and ideas through person-to-person communication, person-to-nature communication, and person-to-spirit communication before we fully understand.

After that phase comes the Third Quarter Moon phase where we shape things up, take responsibility for whatever we need to, let go of whatever doesn’t fit the picture anymore, and then call it good.

The Balsamic Moon phase follows to clear the field for a new imprint of energy that will come once again with a New Moon. Balsamic phases are not exactly part of the last cycle and not exactly part of the pending cycle. They hang in the middle and work various forms of magic.

Illumination happens from higher spiritual forces. We are in the dark about something until we open to receive knowledge and engage in a process of learning. It requires the humility to know that we don’t know it all. The field of information, which continuously surrounds us, is the source of the teaching. A better word to describe the process of illumination/learning is absorption. We absorb wisdom.

On this last day of the Full Moon phase and the last day of the Sun in Pisces (and therefore the last degree of the zodiac), let’s take full advantage of the energy. In order to do that, we need quiet time to contemplate. Some Gnostic sources say that the aeon Sige is the mother of Sophia. Sige is the Goddess of Silence. Sophia is the Goddess of Wisdom. Silence gives birth to Wisdom.

Listen more than talking today. Remain open instead of needing to know. Suspend judgment in favor of more information. Surrender to a higher power. Let silence speak and absorb.


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