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Truthout Daily Digest March 20, 2014

Living Legacy of Machismo: Rape Victim Charged for Self-Defense

Andalusia Knoll, Truthout: Alleged kidnapping and rape victim Yakiri Rubi Rubio is out on bail but could spend ten years in jail for “excess of legitimate defense” – turning her attacker’s knife back on him – in a case that reveals continuing problems of unequal justice in Mexico.

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From Tacoma to Texas, Hunger Strikers Challenge Private Immigration Detention Centers

Candice Bernd, Truthout: A hunger strike at a private GEO Group immigration detention center in Tacoma, Washington, has spread to another GEO facility in Texas after President Obama called for a review of immigration-enforcement policies last week. But will private prison lobbying ensure beds at these facilities stay filled?

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The Breaking of a Power Monopoly: Community Choice?

Dina Rasor, Truthout: Pacific Gas & Electric has had a monopoly on the energy needs of the northern two-thirds of California since 1905. But a new state government entity called Community Choice Aggregation promises to turn over most conventional wisdom of who has the power.

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New Report: Fortune 100 Companies Have Received $1.2 Trillion in Corporate Welfare Recently

Aaron Cantú, AlterNet: Between 2000 and 2012, the top Fortune 100 companies received $1.2 trillion from the government. That doesn’t include all the billions of dollars doled out to housing, auto and banking enterprises in 2008-2009, nor does it include ethanol subsidies to agribusiness or tax breaks for wind turbine makers.

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Fukushima Fallout: Ailing US Sailors Sue TEPCO After Exposure to Radiation 30 Times Higher Than Normal

Amy Goodman and Nermeen Shaikh, Democracy Now!: Three years after the triple meltdown at the Fukushima nuclear power plant, scores of US sailors and Marines are suing the plant’s operator, the Tokyo Electric Power Company, for allegedly misleading the Navy about the level of radioactive contamination.

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Bureaucracy, Autocracy and Neoliberal Canada

Fred Guerin, Truthout: We must not only intervene, resist and oppose neoliberal governments and corporate capitalist hegemony; we must finally put an end to these death-dealing institutions.

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The Cancer Stage of Reaganomics

The Daily Take, The Thom Hartmann Program: The only way that the education of the common people can be attended to is by wiping out the mountains of student loan debt that 30-plus years of cancerous Reaganomics has created, and making college affordable again.

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Why Everyone Should Care About the NYPD’s Surveillance of Muslims

Saadia Faruqi, Tikkun Daily: The US District Court dismissed a long-standing case against the NYPD for its secret surveillance of Muslims in New York and New Jersey in the years after 9/11. This case sets a dangerous precedent about religious freedom and civil liberties that all Americans should worry about.

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New Study Shows Dangers of Trade Agreements That Help Corporations Sue Governments

Robin Broad and John Cavanagh, Triple Crisis: As the Obama administration negotiates new trade agreements, new rules, dubbed “investor rights” by the corporations, allow firms to sue governments over actions (including public interest regulations) that reduce the value of their investments.

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Japanese Government Squelching Efforts To Measure Fukushima Meltdown

David McNeill, The Asia-Pacific Journal: Off the record, university researchers in Japan say that even now, three years after the triple meltdown at the Fukushima Daiichi plant, they feel pressure to play down the impact of the disaster.

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Armed Angry White Males Are the New Domestic Terrorists

Dr. Wilmer J. Leon III, Truthout: Today, lynch mobs have been replaced by Zimmermans and Dunns, who feel empowered by Stand Your Ground, believing that juries of their peers will exonerate them of their use of deadly force when black youths are involved.

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On the News With Thom Hartmann: Koch Brothers Spent More Money Than Top 10 Unions Combined, and More

In today‘s On the News segment: In the 2012 elections, the Koch brothers spent more money than the top ten unions combined; the gamblers on Wall Street raked in $26.7 billion in bonuses in 2013; there is no national law requiring employers to give people paid time off when they’re sick; and more.

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Economic Update: The System in Question

Richard D. Wolff, Economic Update / Truthout: Updates on the GM recall; Bangladeshi women garment workers; and high-tech tax evasion. Major discussions of family income’s relation to longevity and of the definition and criticism of capitalism. Response to a listener on “spirits” guiding investors’ behavior.

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Doctor Shilled for Flame Retardant Industry, Got Paid $240,000 and Didn’t Disclose It

Mark Karlin, BuzzFlash at Truthout: If an industry that does harm to people or the environment needs a helping hand, there is always a hired-gun expert who can be bought.

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Eleven Years Ago: The Questions the Media Didn’t Ask Before We Went to War in Iraq

Read the Article at The Nation

The Neocons Are Circling Over Ukraine Like Vultures

Read the Article at BuzzFlash

US Boycotts UN Drone Talks

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Poll: Majority Opposes Employers Opting Out of Contraception Mandate

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10,000-Gallon Pipeline Spill in Southwest Ohio Near River, Nature Preserve

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The Real Rand Paul-Ted Cruz Battle Is Only Just Beginning

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The Oracle Report | Thursday, March 20, 2014


Disseminating Moon Phase: 10:20 am ET/ 2:20 pm UT: share, feedback, messages Moon in Scorpio

Today is the first day of northern hemisphere Spring and with it comes the connecting of things. The old round of the zodiac yields to a new round. Remnants of the past and present are brought forth to connect with the future. Two different viewpoints come to an understanding. The exchange of information, knowledge, and insight expands our vision and understanding.

With the Sun’s movement out of Pisces and into Aries today, the shift can be abrupt and jarring. Aries energy likes to move, so if often comes in strong. The energy has to be strong to push out from the watery realms of Pisces. There is emergence. This is demonstrated with the Sabian symbol for the first degree of Aries: a woman has risen out of the ocean and a seal is embracing her.

Seals are a wonderful omen. They represent hearing, groundedness, and imagination all in one. It is excellent energy to transition out of watery, emotional, spiritual states of being to more physical, grounded, equalized states of being. Seals are both land and sea creatures, so they help us adjust to the slam of reality that can come when the Sun moves from Pisces into Aries. Seals translate both energies.

But we aren’t in brand new energy just yet. That doesn’t come until March 30 when the Sun and Moon meet up again to birth a new cycle and a new year. We are preparing for that energy and are grateful for the opportunity to adjust. (When the Aries New Moon comes in the first several degrees of Aries, it is a tougher transition. But this year the Aries New Moon comes in about ten days after the Sun enters Aries, so we get a chance to get used to the Aries energy once again before the New Moon imprints and seals in the energy.)

Be aware that the shift in energy today can bring in confusion, congestion, and things getting ahead of themselves. Aries energy is impulsive (it has to be to bring forth new things) but wise owls temper the strong desire to push forward. Easing in to Aries is best because if you plow forward too fast, you will burn out before the New Moon gets here. Aries is a fire sign that burns fast. Pace yourself and remain patient.

There are several elements with today’s energy that may have us feeling boxed in or like we are getting ready to go through something significant. This can create a sense of generalized panic or anxiety. If you experience this today, the directive is to keep moving. Keep going with the flow and let it carry you out. Don’t shut down because this will be hard on your body. Reach out and share. Give feedback and listen for feedback from others and from the world around you.

For a long time I’ve been writing daily reports about standing in place and building personal power and resources, preparing the field for the new to enter, and releasing what no longer serves, etc. etc. It has been quite repetitive. But that was the way the energy was. If that was getting old for you, that time is ending and things will begin to ramp up, starting today. The skills of wise owls will be called upon and relied upon in the coming year. Everyone ready? For many weeks I’ve been preparing a lengthy article on the New Moon in Aries (Part 2 of the article “How the Illuminati Are Poised to Strike and How They Will Fail”) and will record an audio to go along with it. This should shed some light on things and hopefully alleviate some of the angst that is in play. Look for these in the next couple of days.

Happy Spring, everyone! Let’s go out and find something beautiful to celebrate it.


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Equinox Gateway accelerates our Emergence into New Dimensions | DL Zeta

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Equinox Gateway accelerates our Emergence into New Dimensions

This week’s equinox gateway opens the floodgates for new light waves that will facilitate our entry into further dimensions of the new time. Lightworkers and other wayshowers are being called to amplify and anchor these new frequencies, making them more accessible to collective consciousness. These frequencies and others that will follow in coming weeks and months will hasten our emergence into new levels of peace, harmony and understanding that are signposts of the new time.

Wayshowers during this time will hold a space that offers safe passage through the sometimes bouyant and sometimes turbulent waters that will accompany this period.

As we open to new dimensions of light individually and collectively we experience new levels of healing and release and learn to harmonize with these frequencies. As we move deeper into this passage, old structures collapse around us and the world we have known begins to seem less solid. At times we have the sense of shifting to new timelines where we are experiencing greater communion and telepathy with our higher self. Guidance and insights may flash through our awareness with light speed. That which we seek may arrive as fast as we formulate an intention. We may encounter new souls with whom we forge deep and enduring connections.

Our communion with our higher self brings crystal clarity to our earthly mission and provides the energies we need to heal ourselves at all levels. That which is not whole in our experience falls away as we jettison misunderstandings and emotional triggers and pull aside the last veils obscuring the truth of who we are.

This is not a time to be running here and there and engaging in busy mind. This phase commands a clear and present focus that allows us to incorporate new levels of stillness. Join others in meditation at the hour of the equinox (16:57 UTC) and continue to take part in the many ongoing meditations on the inner planes over the next few months.

We offer here some steps to help assimilate the new light frequencies as you move through this time:

1) Bring all aspects of your consciousness into harmony. Be willing to listen to younger aspects in need of healing and to serve as the higher self to your repertoire of younger selves from this lifetime.

2) Become mindful of emotional triggers by bringing clarity to issues from the past you are still holding energy around. Awareness and a willingness to see yourself from a perspective of peaceful non-judgment helps bring emotional freedom.

3) Set intentions to harmonize and assimilate new frequencies of light. Create affirmations aligning yourself with the oneness of source energies.

4) Remain mindful of the influence of your words, thoughts and actions. Exist in a place of love and compassion and your thoughts will silently broadcast this to all you meet.

5) When faced with conscious choices, choose that which serves your movement into higher consciousness. Reaching for the highest place you can access within the moment allows you to become a brighter light for others.

6) Accept that whatever experiences others are having are the experiences they need within the moment. Hold in awareness that the new frequencies act on each individual as needed to assist them along their path.

7) Remain calm and focused during this time even if your ego is resisting the changes. Ask for and open to receive infusions of healing light from your higher self as needed.

8) Affirm that you are abundant in every way and that guidance, resources, assistance and love are downloaded to you as needed throughout this passage. Affirm that you deserve the highest and best the universe has to offer.

9) Alkalinize and detoxify your body through green juice “feasts” during this time so you can hold and anchor greater quantities of light.

10) Spend as much time as possible in nature, harmonizing with the energies there. If possible, meditate near bodies of water. This helps you align with the natural flow of the universe.

11) Meditate as often as you can even if for only short pockets of time as you go about your day. This helps you harmonize with your higher self and the new frequencies.

12) Allow yourself to become comfortable with silence. Take a break from Internet, TV and cell phones.

13) Remain in gratitude for the blessings in your life, especially the most challenging situations you have experienced and those who have been your most difficult teachers. Express gratitude for all the blessings that are currently flowing into your life.

14) Listen to your body and be sure to provide the healing foods, alkaline water, fresh air and sunshine it needs as it transmutes the new frequencies.

15) Remember to see everything that comes before you through the eyes of your higher self.

16) Practice self-love and self-acceptance and extend this unconditional love to all others.

17) Cultivate joy in your life by focusing on things that bring you joy. Remain open to allow new ideas and new forms of joy to flow into your life daily.

18) Become aware of what you give your energy to. Whatever drains your energy is associated with a thought virus; whatever lifts you up is associated with your spiritual purpose.

©2010-2014 DL Zeta, Celestial Vision, All Rights Reservedwww.celestialvision.org
These messages are intended to be shared. You are welcome to share and distribute this message with others as you feel guided to do so. Please be sure to include the author & source website link.