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The Oracle Report | Thursday, March 20, 2014

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Disseminating Moon Phase: 10:20 am ET/ 2:20 pm UT: share, feedback, messages Moon in Scorpio

Today is the first day of northern hemisphere Spring and with it comes the connecting of things. The old round of the zodiac yields to a new round. Remnants of the past and present are brought forth to connect with the future. Two different viewpoints come to an understanding. The exchange of information, knowledge, and insight expands our vision and understanding.

With the Sun’s movement out of Pisces and into Aries today, the shift can be abrupt and jarring. Aries energy likes to move, so if often comes in strong. The energy has to be strong to push out from the watery realms of Pisces. There is emergence. This is demonstrated with the Sabian symbol for the first degree of Aries: a woman has risen out of the ocean and a seal is embracing her.

Seals are a wonderful omen. They represent hearing, groundedness, and imagination all in one. It is excellent energy to transition out of watery, emotional, spiritual states of being to more physical, grounded, equalized states of being. Seals are both land and sea creatures, so they help us adjust to the slam of reality that can come when the Sun moves from Pisces into Aries. Seals translate both energies.

But we aren’t in brand new energy just yet. That doesn’t come until March 30 when the Sun and Moon meet up again to birth a new cycle and a new year. We are preparing for that energy and are grateful for the opportunity to adjust. (When the Aries New Moon comes in the first several degrees of Aries, it is a tougher transition. But this year the Aries New Moon comes in about ten days after the Sun enters Aries, so we get a chance to get used to the Aries energy once again before the New Moon imprints and seals in the energy.)

Be aware that the shift in energy today can bring in confusion, congestion, and things getting ahead of themselves. Aries energy is impulsive (it has to be to bring forth new things) but wise owls temper the strong desire to push forward. Easing in to Aries is best because if you plow forward too fast, you will burn out before the New Moon gets here. Aries is a fire sign that burns fast. Pace yourself and remain patient.

There are several elements with today’s energy that may have us feeling boxed in or like we are getting ready to go through something significant. This can create a sense of generalized panic or anxiety. If you experience this today, the directive is to keep moving. Keep going with the flow and let it carry you out. Don’t shut down because this will be hard on your body. Reach out and share. Give feedback and listen for feedback from others and from the world around you.

For a long time I’ve been writing daily reports about standing in place and building personal power and resources, preparing the field for the new to enter, and releasing what no longer serves, etc. etc. It has been quite repetitive. But that was the way the energy was. If that was getting old for you, that time is ending and things will begin to ramp up, starting today. The skills of wise owls will be called upon and relied upon in the coming year. Everyone ready? For many weeks I’ve been preparing a lengthy article on the New Moon in Aries (Part 2 of the article “How the Illuminati Are Poised to Strike and How They Will Fail”) and will record an audio to go along with it. This should shed some light on things and hopefully alleviate some of the angst that is in play. Look for these in the next couple of days.

Happy Spring, everyone! Let’s go out and find something beautiful to celebrate it.


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