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The Oracle Report | Tuesday, March 25, 2014



Third Quarter Moon Phase: revise, realign, responsibility

Moon in Capricorn/Aquarius

Today’s energy provides answers, solutions, and knowledge. It’s a wise owl kind of day.

As if often the case, however, the answer, solution, or knowledge may come as a result of some kind of pressure or a feeling like there is no answer, solution, or knowledge. This is ok because the narrowing of focus (or feeling of being “boxed” in) that the pressure or feeling causes is exactly what enables us to see it. So go with it, no matter what it looks like in the moment. More moments are to follow today and tomorrow, as we continue the last two days of our month-long journey seeking illumination.

Some may experience illumination today through recognition of how something done impulsively in the past set off a chain reaction of events. This is particularly true with action that had a lot of zeal or even righteous indignation. In other words, you had an “Eris moment,” where you let something fly. Eris is prone to lobbing and lopping. She throws monkey wrenches. She damns the torpedoes. She calls things out that need to be called out. She doesn’t give a flying fig about the consequence because she knows it will be rectified in divine order. If the result of an Eris moment from your past shows up, rest assured that no matter what something looks like in the realm of the matrix, it is quite another thing in the realm of reality. Take heart and know that this is the way of the spiritual warrior.

The Moon will move into Aquarius around 6:00 pm ET/ 10:00 pm UT tonight. This will be the first time the Moon has made an opposition to the Black Moon since the Black Moon moved into Leo. We want to watch what develops to gain additional data (illumination) about how the Black Moon in Leo is going to play out through November. Remember that when we look at aspects with the Black Moon, we look to the sign and the opposite sign. Leo and Aquarius are opposites. So this energy will affect Leos and Aquarians and those with the Black Moon in Leo or Aquarius the most. The primary themes involve change, order, and power. These themes are present for everyone, but they are more pronounced for the Leo and Aquarian energies. Keep this in mind this evening. It’s best to just observe how this energy is until you see how it weaves into your life, if at all.

Prepare for illumination.

(An aside: Not only is it a wise owl kind of day, it is Greek Independence Day! Here’s a fun story about how absorption with the field around us (also called the Organic Light, the Source Field, but it’s Sophia) works. This morning as I was reviewing the day’s astrology chart and going through my process to get the report, I had the thought to thank wise owls Anna and Effi for all of their (daily!) work to translate the reports into Greek. When I went to double check how Effi’s name is spelled, I learned today is Greek Independence Day. It is so very meaningful that Greek is the first language into which the reports are being translated. It is Sophia’s way. The Greek Orthodox Church (and, secondarily, the Russian Orthodox Church) has maintained a close connection to the Gnostic Sophia even through progression into Christianity. In Greek, she is Agia Sophia. Please join me in sending some love to Anna and Effi for their efforts to further connect us all and also to the Spirit of Freedom in the hearts of the Greek People.)

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