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The Oracle Report | Friday, March 28, 2014

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Balsamic Moon Phase: heal, release, transform

Moon in Pisces


POSITIVE IMPRINT: crystal clear clarity

Over the last few months we’ve been building our personal and energetic resources, strengthening our grounded connection with the planet, and seeking illumination. I’ve stated that wise owls have work to do. This work officially starts on Sunday, but we will practice today.

Our work is to transform the field of consciousness in line with natural world order. This is a grand aim, but we are talking about nothing less than freeing the human mind, body, and soul to fully express without interference. Every day, negative polarities of the energies are reinforced in a myriad of ways. These are distortions and they are deceptive. They are illusions that trick us into thinking they are reality. They are only part of reality.

With the New Moon in Aries – the natural New Year – I will write what the negative “imprint” of the energy is and also the counter to it, the “positive” imprint. I will keep these brief so that they can be recalled when needed throughout the day. One word or phrase focuses the mind. It is practical and direct. They are listed at the top of the post.

The tendency of the negative imprint today is to create confusion. Things are shrouded in a fog of dissatisfaction, doubt, and a wayward feeling. Over time, actions by forces opposed to humanity’s freedom have pumped symbols, images, and events into the collective with this day’s energy signatures. This is how reality is able to be shaped. We are innately responsive to patterns and cycles. It’s part of our heritage.

The other octave, the “positive imprint” today, is an energetic gift of clarity. We are able to see the big picture when we step back. We have flashes of inspiration that bring things together. We can weave a lot of different things together, like lines that make an image.

Lines of thought coming together is just as much part of the energy as confusion making things separate and diverge. Confusion seems dominant because it the end that has been focused on us. But the jig is up and, with this effort and many others of similar ilk, a counter or antidote will exist.

So today, if and when you clue in that there is confusion or you feel confused, doubtful, foggy, and generally blah, reverse it to crystal clear clarity.

How do you totally reverse your thinking and feeling? Well, it requires the skills of wise owls. It requires going above the situation. We out-think (or out-vibrate) the negative wave that has been reinforced over what seems like eons. No more grinding down on us!

If you can’t make the mental and emotional jump out of confusion and doubt, you can repeat the words anyway: “I am experiencing confusion and doubt. This is an illusion. Crystal clear clarity exists. This is my aim.” Even if you can’t get there, you can still aim. Aiming is what’s important. The universe responds to aims

Overall, this is our stance, as a group of humans, to change the world by bringing sanity to the world. It is a counter to Archontic interference. It is one piece of many needed pieces that will be revealed to us over the next year. Many people have different pieces.

Creative visualization or re-imprinting the energy may not seem like enough to change things. It is because the human mind is THE most powerful thing on the planet.

But there is more – lots more – to help us overcome the situation we are in with parasitic forces trying to make life on earth a living hell and turning people into little monsters who act ugly toward each other, on one end of the spectrum, to killing each other on the other end of the spectrum. We are not each others’ enemies. The Archons are our enemies. They incite us to find unhappiness and fight with each other.

It’s not the US and the EU vs Russia. It’s all of us against the Archons. We cannot forget this. We’ve seen the game before. When we fight each other, we forget our common enemy. Divide and conquer.

Do the people of Russia know about the Archons?

I don’t know the answer to that. I do know that when THE PEOPLE of the US and Europe make contact with THE PEOPLE of Russia, we will defeat the Archons. There is tech in Russia that will essentially create the barrier – the quarantine – to keep the Archons out of our space. By space I mean our energetic, emotional, and physical space – all of it. The tech probably isn’t identified for being able to do that, but it exists. The Russians think differently about physics and all things psi. When word of the Archons reaches as many people in Russia as it has elsewhere, game over. Free energy – the natural energies of the planet – will deliver what’s needed to power the technology.

Free energy (Gaia Sophia) + tech and practices (created by human minds) = the end of the Archontic reign.

There’s a reason the two big taboos for the new world order are free energy technologies and the story of Sophia (and thus the reality of the Archons). Physicists all over the world are being killed off. We know what happened to the Gnostics.

There is every reason to not only be hopeful but ASSURED about the future and our power to change life back to the way life is supposed to be. It could change overnight. In the meantime, brave and wise owls needed.

This is a long explanatory post, but hopefully it serves the aim of clarity.

P.S. I will still be writing daily posts to continue to guide through the energies. If you do not wish to participate in the re-imprinting effort, no worries. Take what works for you.

(Special Note: Group meditation planned for the New Moon in Aries – Sunday, March 30, 2014, 2:44 pm ET / 6:44 pm UT. Details to follow in tomorrow’s post.)


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