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Heavenletter #4872 Everything Comes from Within You, March 28, 2014

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Sirian Heaven


God said:

Despair is not to follow you. Shrug it off. You may feel that there is nothing you can do when darkness of soul overcomes you, yet it is for you to part with darkness. Be happy anyway. The world does not end. It’s like you tripped and fell. That’s when you pick yourself up, rub off whatever has stuck to your clothes, and then you walk forward again. This is what to do in life. Pick yourself up, and keep walking.

Don’t squeeze every drop of anguish from whatever tripped you. It’s done. Now make it be over. Get on.

When you literally fall in mud, let’s say, you don’t stay there wallowing. And when you get up, you don’t keep the mud on you. You scrape it off and take a shower and change your clothes.

If you fell and cut your knee, the cuts will heal…

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