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The Oracle Report | Saturday, March 29, 2014

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Balsamic Moon Phase: transformation

Moon in Pisces



Today is the last day of a natural and astrological year. A new year begins tomorrow.

Today’s energy teaches us something. The tendency is to reject events, situations, circumstances, or ideas or to feel rejected by events, situations, circumstances, or ideas. This is especially true if the past or “old” things are involved. Instead of taking this route, reinterpret the event, situation, circumstance, or idea. What should be salvaged or reformed? Which elements should be left behind and which elements should be carried forward? How can the situation be reinterpreted? Is there another meaning or use? How can it be transformed? What can rise from the old to the new? How does it look from another perspective?

The Moon will move into Aries at 9:54 pm ET/ 1:54 am UT (Sunday), so the Piscean energy is in effect most of the day. But we will be drawing into the Aries energy, and the new year’s energy, as well. As the energy shifts, we will begin to not only feel the Aries energy, but also the Uranus energy (since Uranus is in Aries and tomorrow’s New Moon conjuncts Uranus). We can expect the unexpected to begin. If you are feeling the “lightning” that Uranus brings to the body, just know that it is part of the energetics. Uranus has definite personal effects (insomnia, anxiety, headaches, kundalini surges). You are feeling the “perfect storm” that I discussed in my last article. Don’t get carried away with it; maintain sure-footing and emotional grounding. It may help to think of yourself as permeable, as in the energy washes right through you. We can be permeable while at the same time being grounded.

With all of this incoming Aries energy, we have to remember Mars, because Mars rules Aries. Mars is retrograde right now. Mars’ energy bursts forth. Anger and aggression can accompany. So people’s emotions may be amped up today, leaning toward anger and depression. Mars is also in opposition to Eris right now, bringing tendencies to fight.

That said, it’s a good day to create (if only in your mind) a “Treasure Map.” A Treasure Map is a representation of our ideas for the upcoming year. A Treasure Map can be a poem, a collage, a song, a vision, a symbol. It can take whatever form you like. The idea is to give thought. The map can include representations for goals, projects, feelings, situations – anything you’d like to experience this year. Include not just your ideas for your life, but your ideas for the world at large. Be sure to put a wise owl in there somewhere!

The New Moon in Aries, the astrological new year, begins tomorrow, Sunday, March 30, 2014 at 2:44 pm ET/ 6:44 pm UT. All are invited to greet the new year with a group meditation at that time. As always, there are no strict rules or dogma here; your own personal touch adds more to the meditation. It should fit in to your personal beliefs and spirituality. Smudging the area is recommended, but don’t let it stop you if you can’t do it at that time.

Here is the common denominator for the meditation:

Situate yourself outdoors if possible. Face the East.
Breathe in and exhale deeply. Release the old air and embrace the new air.
In your mind’s eye, picture your protective shaft of light, field around you, or whatever practice you use for sovereignty.
With closed eyes, picture points of light blinking on all over the globe. See lines begin to connect the dots and bring the grid to life. Take note of any images you might see coming up on the horizon.
Build up a wave of love in your body. Bring it from the depth of your being. Engage the planet by feeling your connection to her.
When you can hold the wave no longer, release it from your heart area. (There are words to speak at this point in the meditation, but I will not have those until tomorrow morning.)
Usually I write one report for the weekend, but it will be my honor to write a Sunday post tomorrow to usher in the New Year.

For today, find beauty. Celebrate life. There are sad things and happy things; worries and hopes. All of it is the totality of experiencing life at the dawn of the Second Renaissance – the year when everything begins to change, the year that humanity and Gaia Sophia begin to serve their destiny. Are you ready for that? What could be better?

(Note: If you have a question about the upcoming New Moon in Aries or a question about something I wrote in my last article, email it to me or send it to Andrew if you are on the Facebook community. We will be recording a question and answer session.)


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