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Money and the Seductive Voice of the Self-Important Ego

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Thank you for sharing this. I have been looking forward to a moneyless society for many years. I don’t see it as banning monetary exchanges but like in many tribal societies where there were money-like materials used in exchange for say long distance trade goods, but where no one **needs** money to live well, comfortably and joyfully.
I don’t think that will take as long to create as it might simply because so many people all over the world have already been working toward it’s creation for over a century.

When the garbage man picks up tg he garbage for free was such a perfect illustration!! I don’t put out garbage nearly ever-maybe once every month or two. I grew up on a farm where we used a burn barrel-and at the age of 9 I designed a garbage fuel source for cars that burned it under pressure into fine dust.
Recycles are valuable in making new things, compost is intensely useful in making more food. Permaculture design expanded from homes to cities to biomes will rapidly eliminate many parts of society that run on money.

It’s a choice to live like we do so we can stop anytime. Like alcoholics tho we have to be determined to let go of the crutch of money- determined enough to suffer the dt’s and get all the way clean:-)

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