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The Oracle Report | Monday, March 31, 2014



lion3 22

New Moon Phase: intend, begin, seed, initiate
Moon in Aries

Ruling Mahavidya: Chinnamasta and Kali

Negative Imprint: distortion

Positive Imprint: balance

Activity: move your body while mentally reinforcing your New Moon intentions and visions for the next year

Complex and intense energies continue today. The prevailing pattern leans toward distortions – things getting out of proportion and toward extremes. Our aim is to remain balanced and see what becomes distorted.

When thinking about how to bring balance to the situation, give considerable thought to how you really want to use your energy. Is it worth it? Is it best just to let it be? Will engaging in the fray truly accomplish anything? Mars is retrograde, so we are learning how we want to better use our energy. The Mars/Aries energy is notorious for over-doing. This leads to quick burn-out. We are only in the second day of this new cycle in Aries. It’s necessary to pace ourselves. The instinct to push out or push forward is natural, but needs to be tempered with the wisdom of an old owl.

The New Moon in Aries is conjunct Uranus. In preparation, I’ve been talking about how Uranus feels in the body. Now that the New Moon in Aries has begun, you may be feeling the effects. If you had trouble sleeping last night, that was Uranus. Uranus is strong. It “rules” the systems and cycles of the body, so when we have a major aspect with Uranus, we feel it. Other effects include nervousness, jitteriness, anxiety, and an overall desire to run (and run away). This energy must be moved through the body and the best way to do this is through physical activity. If you are feeling “jacked up” or “amped up,” move your body. Stretch, take a walk, practice yoga, go for a run, dance, or do anything to move. Stretching before bed helps sleep difficulties. I often tout the miracle of the Rumble Roller. Rumble rolling before bed is pretty heavenly.

For all of the conflict, aggression, and “false flag-ness” that is present with the energy this month, at its core the energy is about personal mastery. We dare to take on more personal power. Discipline and willpower are favored. Engaging in anything you want to become proficient at goes a long way this month. Begin your practice. This may involve just being diligent about something. You know what it is. It’s one of your heart’s desires. Consistency will yield wonderful results.

Keep in mind that there is a big difference between commanding power and demanding power. Commanding power comes from an inner place of assurance that you are in line with the universe. Demanding power comes from an outer place of fear that you will not get what you need.

The energy is fiery and electric. Double check that appliances are turned off. Drive defensively and wish peace to those who are road raging. Accidents abound under these astrological influences.

We’re planting seeds of freedom, wisdom, beauty, and expression this month. Infuse the energy with visions of the world in natural order. Freedom of the BALANCED mind rings!

(Note: I’ve added a header for “Activity” at the top of the post. I will put extra information here to focus our efforts. This is part of the disciplined practice for any readers who are engaging in the group effort to align with the Earth (Sophia) and the Sun (Sabaoth) as the new world order dissolves and natural world order overtakes. I discuss this more in the new audio posted above. Also, information on this month’s ruling Mahavidya, Chinnamasta and Kali is forthcoming.)


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3 thoughts on “The Oracle Report | Monday, March 31, 2014

  1. As an Aries person, I am always striving to achieve that balance but often tending to overdo things… I have to force myself. But I have a yoga session coming up this evening (my first for a long time) so I hope that will help.

    • I hope the yoga went well. I have that overdoing/striving for balance thing too! It is tricky to balance but I think you are on the right track. Things like yoga, tai chi and chi kung seem to help naturally maintain balance.

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