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Today’s selection of articles about science, climate change, energy and the environment.


China Lake Saved From Stink Leaves Fiscal Cleanup for Li Keqiang

BlackRock Joins Investors in Flagging Barrier Reef Eco-Risks

*** Tesla to Use Only Materials Made in USA for Battery Plant

* Record Natural Gas Need Keeps Bulls Betting on Advances: Energy

*** A green light: Companies are starting to open up about their environmental risks. They need to do more

*** U.N. Climate Report Authors Answer 11 Basic Questions

* Japan accepts court ban on Antarctic whaling

Climate inaction catastrophic: US Secretary of State John Kerry

Climate change ‘makes violence likelier’

!!! Changing climate creates pervasive risks, but opportunities exist for effective responses: IPCC report

*** Temperature fluctuations: Atlantic Ocean dances with the sun and volcanoes

*** Satellite shows high productivity from US corn belt


*** Effect of important air pollutants may be absent from key precipitation observations

*** Oxygen depletion in the Baltic Sea is ten times worse than a century ago

!!! NSIDC, NASA Say Arctic Melt Season Lengthening, Ocean Rapidly Warming (with video)

Environmentalists applaud Clean Water Act ruling

Native trappers defend Canada forests from logging

!!! Exxon: Highly unlikely world limits fossil fuels

Alaska editorial roundup

* Climate change threatens India’s economy, food security: IPCC

*** IPCC global warming report: why air conditioning rises 30-fold by 2100 (with video)

Climate panel: Time to act is now

!!! Spite Is Good. Spite Works!

What Really Killed William Henry Harrison?

!!! Fewer Helmets, More Deaths: More states are being pressured to repeal their universal motorcycle helmet laws. But when those laws are changed, the number of fatalities starts to rise immediately. (interactive presentation)

College Classes Use Arts to Brace for Climate Change

* Methane-Spewing Microbes May Have Caused Earth’s Worst Mass Extinction

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