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Sustainable decision making


Thank you for sharing this. Most people don’t even pay attention to the living beings all around us. They don’t realize we are all parts of the same larger whole-and just like an infection in your toe can affect your appetite so too can imbalance affect all parts of the system. It would be wonderful if our cities shut off the street lights at some point in the night! Being able to see more than just 1st magnitude stars again would be wonderful! ( aside from the benefits to other creatures like the sea turtles that get squashed by cars heading for our streetlights instead of the ocean that used to be the brightest place when they hatched)

Author: ohnwentsya

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5 thoughts on “Sustainable decision making

  1. Austerity measures in Britain have their hidden benefit for wildlife. The stars are easier to see in Colchester too now the street lights are out. Thanks for reblogging.

    • I am reading a book you might find interesting as it mentions your city quite a bit in the section I am reading now. It is The Discovery of Middle Earth by Graham Robb.
      I’m normally not in favour of austerity measures but I think the benefits of that one likely outweigh the disadvantages. I’ve often thought cities rather too well lit. My neighborhood used to be the “crack mall” when I first moved here. There were drug selling houses, criminals and gunfire all around me. The city decided to add extra streetlights which we joked “make it easier for the dealers to count their money!”. It appeared to have no effect on crime but made it harder to see the stars and all the whippoorwills left:-/

      • Hi Ohwentsya, thanks for making me aware of the book by Graham Robb. It is useful to know that street lights have no impact on crime, one of the arguments that opposition to the street lights being off have made.

      • I don’t know if they have no effect in downtown shopping type areas but they had no effect in a residential neighborhood of primarily single family homes with a scattering of garage apartments.

        Possibly because the extra lights were lighting up alleyways that are behind most houses beyond the back yards-therefore not particularly visible from inside the homes. Lighting presumably lessens crime by making criminals fear detection and arrest but lighting an area very few can see is rather pointless.
        I imagine keeping lights on during times when people are most likely to be around looking out for one another would be useful in a public square or shopping area, or even in front of residential homes. I’m assuming your city has lighting during the evening but shuts it off when most go to bed?
        If not then probably some people will develop other types of crime deterrents like more security camerasv with infrared or volunteer teams to patrol or walk lone people to vehicles (we had the latter at my college because despite an abundance of lighting crime, esp rape was a problem).

      • The lights in Colchester go out at midnight until 5am. People, including me, have invested in lighting plus other security measures around our homes. The lighting I have is motion triggered, so they conserve energy and only go on when movement is detected for a short period of time.

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