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Jeremy Rifkin: “By 2050, the Collaborative Commons will likely settle in as the primary arbiter of economic life in most of the world.”

I don’t know Rifkin’s actual thoughts or position on the negative possibilities of A21 but having discovered him thru Whole Earth decades ago I would guess his ideas might be similar to mine.
Readers of Whole Earth Review will understand why but I don’t know if I can explain briefly. Basically we believe that the open source, collaborative, “emergent”, people powered meme is stronger than the top down hierarchical meme.
When A21 was created it was heavily rooted in the people powered grass roots-and if you read the actual text of Agenda 21 on the UN website you will see that perspective very carefully woven through out the entire document. In fact it has multiple areas in which the potential for top down hierarchical manipulation has been addressed and prevented thru it’s design and requirements.
I imagine that he believes as I do, that the people will never allow the manipulation and control tactics to succeed. We have the text of the document on our side and we have the numbers.
The one thing I see in the way is the billions that have been spent and are still being spent to make asinine YouTube videos and so much other propaganda vilifying the very idea of sustainability, caring for the Earth, respect for indigenous peoples and all living beings-that are the central tenets of the Agenda 21.
If the brainwashed keep trying to get rid of A21-as their corporate masters wish then the ability of controlling elements to maintain power over the people will be increased not decreased.
If A21 had enforcement provisions-which were kept out by the powerful TWO/corporate sector despite near universal democratic support for them-then we could use A21 itself to effectively stop those who are using it to enforce undemocratic ends.
I think Rifkin and others believe the power of the natural transformation of society thru the things he discusses and the concept of emergence as it was used during Occupy, Indignados and Arab Spring movements and in horizontalism in Argentina will overtake any efforts to maintain control and fascism.
I want to believe that myself but I’m not quite there yet. I do believe most of it, but am still curious if this dialectic will play out fast enough for us to have a viable planet left to enjoy the commons on.:-/

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Pow Wows.com April 2014 Newsletter


Below are excerpts of articles that have been published on Powwows.com over the last couple of weeks that you may have missed!

Be sure to check our site often for new articles!

How To Make Your Own Bead Loom

By Robyn Rokar, I just made myself 4 looms over the weekend and had the foresight to take some pics. It’s a very simple loom…no need to mess with screws,nails, etc…. Supply list: 1″ x 4″ board, wide Strapping tape.

I bought a 8 foot board and had the lumber yard cut it in half to fit in my car. Here’s a pic of the strapping tape I used and one of the spacer blocks I cut out.

Of course the lumber yard didn’t cut my board EXACTLY in half, so I took the longer side and cut in 3 equal pieces about 18 inches long.

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Beaded Moccasins – eBay Find of the Week

From eBay: For sale is a wonderful pair of beaded Sioux (Lakota) moccasins, first half of the 20th Century, from the Zehner Collection. Uppers made of native tanned hide, rawhide soles. Hide is in a very good condition. Beadwork is lane stitched and sinew sewn in traditional designs. Bead colors are white, medium blue, dark blue, tomato red, some bright-red-white-heart and pea green. Metal danglers with red chicken feathers. Size of the moccasins is circa 9″ x 4″. Minor bead loss at heels. Overall very good condition.

Collected by Dr. Luther R. and Frances T. Zehner at the Standing Rock Reservation in 1949/1950.Dr. Zehner started working in 1949 as a physician in the reservation hospital at Standing Rock Reservation near Fort Yates, ND, while Mrs. Zehner was a teacher in the Standing Rock reservation school. Dr. and Mrs.

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2014 PowWows.com Princess – Alexa Winona Mary Gabbard

My name is Alexa Winona Mary Gabbard from Moorhead, MN. My Dakota name is Unki Maka Akan Waci Win which translates as ‘She Walks On Mother Earth. I am Dakota oyate from Sioux Valley, Manitoba, Canada and Ojibway from North West Angle, Ontario, Canada. I was born in British Columbia, Canada and lived there for five years before I moved to the United States. I am 13 years old and I am in seventh grade at Horizon Middle School in Moorhead, Minnesota. My parents are Mike and Delores Gabbard. My grand parents are Alden and Elsie Pompana from Manitoba.

I travel all over the United States and Canada with my family, going to pow-wows all year long. I have been dancing since I was able to walk and pow-wows have become a very big part of my life. I also enjoy going to ceremony in my home community and other communities. Along with pow-wows and school, I also enjoy theater, choir and playing trombone in my school band. When I get older I want to finish high school and get a scholarship to Harvard University to be a lawyer.

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Quincy Afraid of Lighting, Lakota Warrior

Quincy Afraid of Lightning’s striking name makes an indelible impression on everyone who hears it. So does his stunning presence in powwow regalia, as this mighty Lakota dances at many powwows. Yet, it is his indomitable spirit that stands out as a steady, strong example of traditional Lakota values and his personal faith beliefs. Recently, this powwow dancer took a break from serving his community to speak with us about the fire that fuels his way of life.

Q) You are amazing! Each time we visit, you’re doing something remarkable! What are you into these days?

A) I’m 38 and growing stronger as I get older . I’m drug, alcohol, and smoke free. I do teaching presentations on our Lakota culture and music. I pastor a church in Rapid City SD called The Miracle Center. Before all of that I had a very troubled life of addiction. I have also been to state and federal prison. I am also an author. I wrote a book called “The Blue Road” which is going all over the U.S. and helping many people get free of the same obstacles I had in my life.

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Protecting Native Seeds

According to a report by KRQE out of Albuquerque, NM, a bill has been introduced in the Senate and House in New Mexico which would protect Native American seeds used for cultural, religious, medicinal, ceremonial and agriculture purposes. The proposal would permit tribes to work alongside public research institutions to encourage education and training programs preserving the purity of the seeds.

Currently there are several organizations throughout Indian Country dedicated to seed conservation such as Native Seeds in Arizona, Upon request, Native Seeds will provide free seeds to Native Americans in the Greater Southwest region.

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Moapa Band of Paiutes Break Ground on Solar Power Plant

Last Year members from the Moapa Band of Paiutes led a 16-mile walk to highlight plans to close a coal-fired power plant and build a solar energy plant in Southern Nevada.

This year they’re starting construction on a 250MW solar power plant. As reported by Lucy Woods with PV Tech, The Moapa Southern Paiute Solar project is to be built by Moapa Southern Paiute Solar, a subsidiary of First Solar Electric. The plant is scheduled for completion in 2015, powering 93,000 homes and creating 400 construction jobs.

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Pow Wow Trail – The Fancy Dance

“The Fancy Dance” is the sixth episode of an eleven part television series from 2001 known as “The Pow Wow Trail”. Over the course of 2 years producer Jeremy Torrie and film crew traveled to over 40 reservations, ceremonies and Pow Wow celebrations.

Their travels brought them all over the United States and Canada shooting and interviewing the best Pow Wow singers, dancers, the most respected elders, songwriters, traditional teachers and the various perspectives of people living, traveling and competing on the Pow Wow circuit.

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Pamunkey Woman to Portray Pocahontas in Re-enactment

It’s been 400 years since Pocahontas wed John Rolfe, and folks at the Historic Jamestowne will be holding an re-enactment of the wedding. Steve Vaughan with the Virgina Gazette reports that Wendy Taylor, a member of the Pamunkey Indian Tribe who says she’s a descendant of Powhatan, will portray the famous leader’s daughter, Pocahontas, in the re-enactment.

“I live on the Pamunkey Reservation. We have good relations with Jamestown,” Taylor said in a telephone interview Friday. “They asked me if I wanted to do it, and I said I would be happy to.”

Taylor, a 25-year-old mother of two, said there have been no rehearsals for the wedding yet.

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Indigenize the World: Indigenous Rights Activist Raps His Way to Justice

Indigenize the World! One Indigenous activist hopes to do just that by using his Navajo culture and lyrical talent. Hip hop artist Indigenize plans to fire up and motivate Native America through his music. Nothing is off limits in this talented performer’s interview with Powwows.com.

Q) Indigenize the World! That’s a mighty message! Who is the man behind such a powerful phrase?

A) I’m towering house people clan and red house people clan. I am a Hip Hop emcee from the Dine’h ( Navajo) territories. I am a Indigenous rights activists with a message of rekindling our warrior societies.

Q) Such passion for Indigenous rights must have a story behind it?

A) My journey with music started when I was young. The power of music didn’t come to my understanding until I got shot at the age of 17 in my home town of Gallup, New Mexico in 2008. What kept me sane was a Tupac Album titled “Me Against the World”. After my experience with death, I NOW understood what Tupac and what ALL great musicians talk about when Speaking on the struggles of people instead of exploiting the issue and expose the issue at its core. Then, I came to realize we as Indigenous here on Turtle Island have become part of this systems history.

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The Sisters Schimel – HBO Real Sports

The Schimmel sisters will be featured in a segment tonight on HBO’s Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel!

Straight from the HBO press release:

The Sisters Schimmel. A force in women’s basketball, the University of Louisville hopes to return to the Final Four for the second straight year after earning a three-seed in this year’s tournament. The Cardinals are led in part by two sisters who hail from a little-known basketball hotbed in the United States: Native American reservations. The older sibling, All-American senior guard Shoni Schimmel, is widely expected to be a top pick in the WNBA draft next month. Junior guard Jude Schimmel is the team’s reliable sixth woman.

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Mural Helps Raise Awareness : #ItEndsHere

The mural was inspired by the #ItEndsHere campaign poster, designed by Jaque Fragua. Fellow artists Owee, Keir1, Dan Tullie, and Tom Greyeyes helped paint the mural during the PAINT PHX event held in Phoenix, AZ. Via Decolonizing Media tumblr The #ItEndsHere campaign, organized by Nations Rising, aims to confront the crisis of violence against Indigenous women and girls, by declaring: #ItEndsHere.They are committed to eliminating all forms of violence within Indigenous communities, including violence based on gender and sexual identity and orientation.

Read about the full series of articles on the #ItEndsHere campaign at Nations Rising

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Native American Night in Louisville

Even though the game was two weeks ago, people are still buzzing about the energy that was inside the KFC YUM! Center where the Schimmel sisters of Louisville women’s basketball team took on a still undefeated Connecticut. The recent snowstorm that cut across the country didn’t deter the thousands of Native American fans who traveled from all over Indian Country to attend the game. They waited hours before the game to show their support for Shoni Schimmel on her Senior Night, and waited hours after the game to get her autograph.

How many of you attended the game? Don’t worry if you weren’t able to make it, Charlie Perry of The Indian Leader has a great recap of the game.

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Scalps on Display at Karl May Museum

It’s no secret that many Europeans have been infatuated with Native American culture for quite some time. Karl May, a German novelist during the late 1800s, has been credited with creating the German fascination with all things “Wild West”. A museum dedicated to the man is now under fire for displaying Native American scalps and refusing to return them. British newspaper The Guardian reports, the Karl May Museum in Radebeul near Dresden is in possession of 17 scalps, 3 on display, that were given to the private collection by a friend of the novelist.

For the last four years, activists have been calling for the return of the scalps, whose display in American museums has been illegal since 1990. Yet in spite of these requests the Karl May Museum has made no moves to return the items.

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Dan Snyder Creating Washington Redskins Original Americans Foundation

Are you buying what he’s selling?

In a four-page letter yesterday, Dan Snyder, owner of the Washington Redskin’s football team, announced that he was creating the Washington Redskins Original Americans Foundation.

The mission of the Original Americans Foundation is to provide meaningful and measurable resources that provide genuine opportunities for Tribal communities. With open arms and determined minds, we will work as partners to begin to tackle the troubling realities facing so many tribes across our country. Our efforts will address the urgent .challenges plaguing Indian country based on what Tribal leaders tell us they need most. We may have created this new organization, but the direction of the Foundation is truly theirs.

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The Oracle Report | Wednesday, April 2, 2014


Wednesday, April 2, 2014

New Moon Phase: set intentions and wishes; beginnings

Moon in Taurus

Ruling Mahavidya: Chinnamasta and Kali

Negative Imprint: frazzled

Positive Imprint: focused

Skill: command the energy into a coil and wrap it around you; use it to power yourself

Today’s energy carries tension and pressure that is designed to push us forward. This will create situations and circumstances where people get kind of crazy. (This is also reflected in the earthquake in Chile. As mentioned in my latest article, Mother Nature is going to make herself known over the next year.)

The Sun and Uranus are in still in tight conjunction, so take extra caution while driving and double-check that appliances are turned off.

Things that are happening now are putting us where we need to be. This means it is best to suspend judgment, even judgment of “tragedies.” Follow inner impulses because you are being divinely directed.

Over time, the notion of guilt has been deeply pressed into today’s energy. This is especially true in situations where there was allure or where instincts were activated. If feelings of guilt come up for you today, let them pass. Leave them behind. There is no need for self-punishment. We are entering a new year – a new time. Connect with the revitalizing force of nature, because she is surely bringing new things to life.

Don’t be frazzled by the fray today. This energy is like “spiritual attention deficit disorder” in that it is haywire and tends to send us in many directions. Instead, we want to practice a skill of a wise owl: Take hold of the energy and wrap it around you like a coil, integrating its power. You are in control of your coil. The idea is to “tame” the energy for focused direction and intention and not be pulled apart.

Keep in mind that this energy will pull some things apart, but it also will bring other things together.

Carpe Diem!


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Lynn Hayes Planetary Illuminations for April 2014

Planetary Illuminations for
April 2014
Dear friends,I apologize for the lack of a March report – I had some kind of laryngitis of the soul. You canread more about that here if you’re interested. Not only did I lose my writing voice, but it was difficult for me to do readings so I took a bit of a hiatus in March.

The good news is, my voice has come back in time to report on the big planetary news for April and I am doing readings again. There is a lot of energy for continued change right now, and I’ve tried to give you as much detail as possible to help you utilize these powerful energies without becoming completely overwhelmed with details and data.

Now on to the Planetary Illuminations report:

The complete article can be found on my website here. This email contains an abridged simplification that is easier to understand and read, but you will find the complete details, along with the list of planetary events for the month, in the online version.

Usual housekeeping stuff:

If you are new to astrology, you might want to start here for basic explanations of the concepts we’ll be discussing here. Please feel free to forward this article to anyone who might be interested. If this article has been forwarded to you, please visit my website to sign up for your own subscription! You can unsubscribe any time by following the instructions at the bottom of this email. You can “like” my Facebook page and stay up to date with all of the latest planetary happenings and new blog posts.

And, of course, if you would like to schedule a personal consultation please email me directly or visit my website for more information about readings.

Summary for April 2014


Unlike recent months which have been full of minor planetary aspects that move quickly and don’t create lasting impressions, April’s big news is the Cardinal Grand Cross which will be building throughout the month but will peak in the middle of the month beginning with the lunar eclipse on April 15th and continuing through the following week.

A Grand Cross occurs when four or more planets are locked in a square formation. The Cross includes two pairs of oppositions (planets that are 180 degrees apart). Squares and crosses are powerful patterns that can create conflict or generate a crisis that requires resolution and eventually, transformation. These are intense planetary systems that generate change in our lives throughout the month of April, but expecially between mid-April and the end of the month.

This energizes a push to awaken from the struggle of the past few years. The pressure for change is powerful and many of us have resisted the call to surrender the shackles that hold us to the earth and let go to a new energy that is breaking down the old ways so that something totally and radically new can replace it.
Planetary cycles are opportunities for transformation. It is the resistance to transformation that creates difficulties in our lives. During this month of intense planetary energy, find time and space in your lives to be aware and awake. Look at the problems you are facing with new eyes. Open your mind to the possibility of new solutions that can change your world forever. And most importantly: surrender your idea of What Should Be. Generally, we are the co-creators of our lives. In April 2014, we are being shaped and molded by Universal Wisdom.

for more details, see this article at Astrological Musings about the Aries New Moon that triggered these events.


April begins on the heels of a New Moon in Aries that initiated the stirrings of the powerful forces that will be erupting in April. Between the 1st and the 3rd the Sun illuminates the growing tension and shines its light on areas of our lives that require adjustment so that growth and change can take place. A harmonious Mercury aspect will aid us in understanding the underlying energies and helping us to create structures that support and aid us in the transformative process.

Venus enters Pisces on the 5th, and for a few weeks we will be drawn towards the mystical – creativity blossoms now and the desire for spiritual connection is strengthened. Under this influence our relationships can become magical – or deluded. This mystical force can help us to move more easily through the planetary energies if we keep our eyes open and don’t succumb to the power of illusion.

Mercury enters Aries on the 7th and begins to align with the other planets in the Grand Cross. The self-preservation of Aries conflicts somewhat with the transcendent urge of the Pisces Venus, but we can merge these two dynamics consciously by holding the sense of self (Aries) as we allow ourselves to surrender to flow (Pisces).

On the 8th we feel more energized, but this could also bring up conflict that requires resolution for a day or so. On the 11th a Neptune aspect calms the nerves and enhances creativity and feelings of romantic and universal love but may also blur the lines between fantasy and reality.

By the 14th and 15th the Grand Cross is in full swing. Pluto is stationary as it turns retrograde on the 14th, and it is more powerful than ever at this time so our thoughts and communication with others will be intensified. Pluto tends to expose secrets and unearth emotions that have been submerged and there can be an explosion of compulsive and obsessive traits under this influence.

These qualities are a part of the Full Moon Solar Eclipse in Libra on April 15th Eclipses have long been tied to events that are important and which can change our very destiny. This eclipse offers an opportunity to find balance between our desire for harmony and peace with our need to assert ourselves and find our own way. It’s time now to forge a new direction and open up to new ways to integrate the forces that may appear to be pulling us apart.

This Full Moon eclipse is not all conflict – positive and harmonious aspects expand our ability to find healing in the midst of stress, open our hearts and facilitate optimism), and enhances our connection to our spiritual source.

The intense light and awakening energies of the Full Moon continue for several days, culminating on the 20th and 21st of April. Where the eclipse on the 15th will expose the cracks in the veneer of our consciousness and our day to day lives, the Grand Cross will bring about a peak experience of transformation and change. Doors of consciousness will open and soul memories will make themselves known. This can be somewhat frightening as we feel the ground beneath us open up, but if we can find a way to let go into conscious awareness and mindfulness we will find the pathway that will lead us to our highest aspirations.

**The addition of Mars to the planetary mix which peaks on April 22-23 will simply continue to energize the energies, making them nearly impossible to manage. Surrender and moving THROUGH rather than fighting against or attempting to move around will be the key to using this time wisely. These challenging planetary interactions can signify a time of danger and increased conflict, so please be careful to avoid inflammable personal situations if at all possible, and use care when traveling, especially from the middle of April through the end of the month. **

After the 25th our thinking and communication will be more grounded and we will begin to feel more stabilized. The 26th and 27th are marvelous days for creativity and clarity of expression. The Taurus New Moon on the 29th will continue to stabilize us and help us to find a grounded sense of peace after the storm of the previous planetary energies.

The Grand Cross is still in effect then so transformation continues, but because we will be feeling more grounded at that time the integration may come more easily. However, Taurus is a fixed sign and if we become too fixed in our views and unable to embrace the necessary adjustments, we may find ourselves facing more challenges.

The intensity of April’s planetary alignments contains real gifts if we look for them amidst the chaos. In any case, resistance is futile so we may as well adapt and go willingly into the crucible of transformation!
As always, if you have questions about this information or would like to schedule a consultation to discover how your own chart is affected, don’t hesitate to contact me.

Peace and best wishes,

Lynn Hayes

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Eating Vegan and Locally – the ethical debate

Thank you for sharing this. It is such an important consideration not only to be ecologically sensible but also because we simply cannot depend on industrial globalised society and it’s heavily government subsidized cheap long distance shipping continuing as it has indefinitely.
I have a wonderful book you might like as it’s written for your climate in Britain. It is called How to Make a Forest Garden by Patrick Whitefield. It’s a permaculture based system using a lot of perennial food crops that work together so once started very little work or input is required to obtain a lot of food. Many nut trees grow well in Britain-if you like almonds ive seen one called Halls Hardy Almond in the garden catalog that should do well there, and I don’t recall the name but there is s fruit tree whose pits are like almonds so double the food from one tree. I’ve been ordering chia seeds from far away but hoping to grow my own soon. Very nutritious for such small space to grow and store! Amaranth is another wonderful garden flower and highly nutritious grain all in one. I eat a lot of my own fruit from my garden but had sort of put localization of my diet in the background til I saw your post. It was something I aim for (I only buy Florida produce) but had not been seriously paying attention to. We grow everything in Florida almost but most fresh food in the store comes from California or Chile (!!). Even our big famous crop-orange juice is now “blended” with concentrate shipped from Brazil. To get canned/tinned beans organic they are mostly from China.
Another great book for anyone who wants to grow food easily is Perennial Vegetables by Eric Toensmeier. I’ve been in awe and a bit jealous of the amazing permaculture and Transition movement participation in Britain but I guess if it’s not in your local area it isn’t very useful for you. The lovely thing about being vegan is so many types of beans that grow so easily(I have read that scarlet runner beans can be perennial in parts of Britain), and grainlike crops like chia and amaranth that grow quickly and produce a lot of seeds in small areas. Unlike other diets we can grow a lot of what we need for good nutrition. I can’t have nuts but they are another vegan advantage to grow. The only thing that tempted me away from being vegan was my pet chicken (who is gone now, she was a rescue from factory farm and wasn’t supposed to be able to live more than 6weeks but she did:-)

Down the Forest Path

“Is it more ethical and sustainable to eat a vegan diet which relies on the oil industry or a vegetarian diet with small amounts of eggs and dairy products from locally produced organic sources where one can make a relationship with the creatures? Do you disagree that a balanced vegan diet relies on imported food and that I am just creating problems for myself?”

(Taken from the Meat Eaters, Vegetarians and Vegans Ethical Debate on The Druid Network’s Ethics Pages Here)

Some very good questions were raised during this ethical debate, which I have been pondering ever since I went vegan. With the world’s dwindling oil supplies and the other costs to food travel – ie. carbon emissions, it has played largely upon my mind. Is it more ethical for me personally to eat lentils and quinoa grown in a country far away and imported at the expense of…

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Anonymous Exposes Rothschild Connection to Missing Malaysian Plane

I found this interesting because the ending seemed un-Anonymous-like and because it sounds like he disproves the theory near the end by saying the patent exists but none of the patent holders are listed on the passenger list for the flight.
It is very disturbing that so many people involved with that tech and that company were aboard tho as it seems something odd is going on even if not the original patent money grab theory.