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Jeremy Rifkin: “By 2050, the Collaborative Commons will likely settle in as the primary arbiter of economic life in most of the world.”

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I don’t know Rifkin’s actual thoughts or position on the negative possibilities of A21 but having discovered him thru Whole Earth decades ago I would guess his ideas might be similar to mine.
Readers of Whole Earth Review will understand why but I don’t know if I can explain briefly. Basically we believe that the open source, collaborative, “emergent”, people powered meme is stronger than the top down hierarchical meme.
When A21 was created it was heavily rooted in the people powered grass roots-and if you read the actual text of Agenda 21 on the UN website you will see that perspective very carefully woven through out the entire document. In fact it has multiple areas in which the potential for top down hierarchical manipulation has been addressed and prevented thru it’s design and requirements.
I imagine that he believes as I do, that the people will never allow the manipulation and control tactics to succeed. We have the text of the document on our side and we have the numbers.
The one thing I see in the way is the billions that have been spent and are still being spent to make asinine YouTube videos and so much other propaganda vilifying the very idea of sustainability, caring for the Earth, respect for indigenous peoples and all living beings-that are the central tenets of the Agenda 21.
If the brainwashed keep trying to get rid of A21-as their corporate masters wish then the ability of controlling elements to maintain power over the people will be increased not decreased.
If A21 had enforcement provisions-which were kept out by the powerful TWO/corporate sector despite near universal democratic support for them-then we could use A21 itself to effectively stop those who are using it to enforce undemocratic ends.
I think Rifkin and others believe the power of the natural transformation of society thru the things he discusses and the concept of emergence as it was used during Occupy, Indignados and Arab Spring movements and in horizontalism in Argentina will overtake any efforts to maintain control and fascism.
I want to believe that myself but I’m not quite there yet. I do believe most of it, but am still curious if this dialectic will play out fast enough for us to have a viable planet left to enjoy the commons on.:-/

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