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I’m excited about the possibilities but not sure if this project really is as described. I posted the plans and have had two engineers tell me the plans posted were for a generator Tesla designed to run on hydro or steam power with a lot of nonsense/technobabble that did not actually make engineering sense. They both told me it was a scam to get donations and this posts emphasis on donating does not encourage me to disbelieve them:-(

I would hate to see a lot of money wasted on a nonworking thing when the potential for working projects is quite good now.

I hope it does work but I have watched so many scams and false possibilities devastate the online community over the last four years that I am cautious.

Has anyone not already associated with the fix the world group actually seen this thing operating effectively?

Is there a YouTube of it actually creating power while not connected to any other power source?

Until there is some independent verification I believe caution and research are much more logical than flinging money at people who tell you something you want to hear.

Perhaps living just across the bridge from P T Barnum’s winter home makes me more suspicious of anyone exhibiting the tactics he described but no offense is intended to fix the world-if they are for real I support them enthusiastically. I just want more than unsupported assertions to demonstrate they are for real.

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