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The Oracle Report | Thursday, April 3, 2014

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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Crescent Moon Phase: expand, grow, defy struggle

Moon in Gemini

Ruling Mahavidya: Chinnamasta and Kali

Negative Imprint: cut off

Positive Imprint: linked together

Skill: if difficulty arises, cut yourself off from struggle; reconnect with common values or what you have in common

Today’s energy tempts us into feeling cut off – cut off from Spirit, cut off from others, cut off from joy. Instead we can take this tendency and use it to cut through the matrix and the illusion that we are alone. We are part of the cosmos. Each of us is a thread in the great weaving.

Part of today’s energy involves feeling like we are repeating patterns or are back where we started. Life is cyclical. But we come at things wiser than we did the last time. This means we can do things a different way if we want. Don’t be fooled with things that look like they have “fallen down.” They are merely ready to change form and function. The past warps into the present and begins morphing into the future. New usefulness emerges from what seems to have been cut down or knocked out.

The Sun released an M6-class flare yesterday at 10:05 am ET/ 2:05 pm UT. We can look to the Sabian symbol for the degree of the Moon at the moment of the flare to ascertain which type of energy was empowered. The symbol is “a new continent rising out of the ocean.” The flare flooded the field of possibility (the field of consciousness, the field of experience) with energy. It’s an extra spark to create something brand new and very big. This is a wonderful addition to the imprint of this new year. Thanks, Sabaoth!

The energy from the flare undoubtedly contributed to yesterday’s earthquake (aftershock) in Chile. These massive quakes once again prove McCanney’s electric universe (plasma discharge) theory. When a planet conjuncts a New Moon like it did a few days ago (and remains tight with the Sun now), the effects are felt tectonically and meteorologically on Earth. They are also felt in the delicate systems of the body. This is particularly true of Uranus, as I’ve mentioned. Uranus amps things up. The Sun joined in.

We will wait until more of the facts emerge to see if the latest event at Fort Hood was a result of madness from these energetics or part of the plan to forward the new world order’s agenda.

Today, don’t struggle. Stay connected and part of the weaving of the cosmos.


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