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The Oracle Report | Friday, April 4, 2014

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Friday, April 4, 2014

Crescent Moon Phase: expand, grow, defy struggle

Moon in Gemini

Ruling Mahavidya: Chinnamasta and Kali

Negative Imprint: delusion

Positive Imprint: delight

Skill: “Will this delude or delight me?” “Like a butterfly, I gracefully accept changes.”

Today’s energy is ripe for pretexts, shams, and deceptions. We are easily swayed, so we need to use the skills of the wise owl to take in a bigger picture of what is really happening. Don’t be lead astray. Just because someone is strong and confident in what they are asserting does not mean it is valid. To delude is to mislead the mind or judgment of someone. We do not need to delude ourselves or be deluded. Our minds are our own. Our own personal discernment is all that is required. If something comes up today to take you in a new direction, ask yourself if it feels delusional or delightful. Be honest.

We may have to use these skills often today because opportunities tend to emerge under this energy. Things awaken. We see how we can make situations better fit who we really are.

This month brings many changes in the world and in our lives. The energy definitely favors changes today. Most do not like change, even though it is the way of nature. We are a traumatized species, and when things change (especially if the change is unexpected) we tend to respond by freezing in place and shutting down. This response is not going to work well today. Rigidity will only make things worse. Flexibility will make things better. Things that change are meant to change today.

At the core, this energy is designed for celebration of life, delight with life, and freedom of expression. The dominant Sabian symbol is “brownies dancing in the setting sun.” I love this symbol, but we need to be careful that we aren’t caught off guard and taken into a fairyland of delusion, as the over-pronounced negative polarity of this energy would have us do.

The potential to be tricked is high today. This, coupled with the fact that Mars is located at the exact degree of the Eris Point, means wise owls should be on alert and watching carefully. I am not saying this to promote fear; I am pointing it out so that we aren’t surprised and fooled if someone tries to pull the wool over our eyes. Be aware. False flag potential is high today.

On the micro-level, Mars at the Eris Point brings impulsive and often angry outbursts. We tend to say things before we think. Usually it needs to be said; usually the delivery isn’t the best. The highest octave of Mars-Eris energy is action based on wisdom, but we have to be mature enough to slow down for this. Take your time. Navigate around other people’s minefields.

When sunset falls where you are today, celebrate like a brownie. Delight in the beauty of our planet and our Sun. Aren’t they are magnificent jewels?


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