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Why the Law of Attraction fails

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Thank you for writing this. It makes a lot of sense. It can be extremely aggravating living in a difficult situation such as disability, poverty etc and having smug self satisfied but basically privileged individuals tell you how you must just be a very negative person, or have terrible karma. Especially when you are a very optimistic, life affirming person persistently working to improve your life.
I find it particularly vexing when people born into huge privilege tell me working to end injustice, racism, poverty, war etc is pointless because those people chose their experiences and it’s not my place to interfere.
Life happens but what we do with it is what makes the difference. When we work together to overcome problems and limitations that IS magical and very often a strong belief, love and dedication can change and improve seemingly intractable problems both personally and globally.

Author: ohnwentsya

Be the change you wish to see, let's co-create the win-win future we know is possible together!

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