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Truthout Daily Digest April 5, 2014

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Occupy Sandy and the Future of Socialism

Samuel Knight, Truthout: While relief organizations like the Red Cross proved largely ineffectual in the wake of Superstorm Sandy, what made Occupy Sandy so effective was that its relationship with victims was based on the very characteristic that saw criticism leveled at it throughout the occupation of Zucotti Park – horizontalism.

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Young, at Work in the Fields

David Bacon, After Image: The 120,000 farmworkers in California are the most recent migrants from Mexico and speak twenty-three languages, come from thirteen different Mexican states, and have rich cultures of language, music, dance, and food that bind their communities together. Photographer David Bacon peers into their daily existence in a photo essay.

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A Dispatch from 350’s Divestment Trenches

Barbara G. Ellis, Truthout: The 350 movement is a major international group of activists founded in 2007 by Vermont author-environmentalist Bill McKibben and his Middlebury College students. The activists are using a variety of strategies and tactics to convince investors to divest of fossil fuel and related companies’ financial instruments.

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What Corruption? McCutcheon Reveals Absurdity of Citizens United

Brendan Fischer, PR Watch: Thanks to the McCutcheon decision, the small handful of billionaires and millionaires who were previously constrained by the aggregate contribution cap can now dole out up to $3.6 million among candidates and committees. The ruling left in place limits on direct donations to a single candidates and single party committees. Yet in doing so, the Court revealed how its reasoning in Citizens United was flawed.

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Changing Our Climate of Indifference

Jill Richardson, Other Words: In a million ways, the changing climate is ruining lives around the world, changing rain patterns, floods, mudslides, crop failures, and more. As if that wasn’t enough, reduced glacial melt in the Andes means decreased hydroelectric power. It’s time for journalists to be honest about how serious the consequences are.

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Court: NC Legislators Must Reveal Documents, Purpose Behind Challenged Voting ‘Reform’

Ernest A Canning, The Brad Blog: A US District judge has ruled that Republican legislators in North Carolina must provide documents revealing their work in passing and implementing a radical election reform bill which, when it was passed last year, was described by opponents as a voter suppression bill.

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Leaders of Teaching Hospitals Have Close Ties to Drug Companies, Study Shows

Charles Ornstein, ProPublica: Pharmaceutical company payments to doctors extend far beyond rank-and-file clinicians and deep into the leadership of America’s teaching hospitals, according to a study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association.

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Why We Need a 10.4 Million Jobs Plan

Dave Johnson, Campaign For America’s Future: While America’s political, media and business elites are all doing fine in their personal situations, much of the rest of the country is not. If you listed our national problems in order of priority and immediacy, jobs has to be at or near the top.

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Why Pakistan Is Not Changing

Zulfiqar Shah, Truthout: “Change” and “Pakistan” are the words of significant disconnect for Pakistanis and the world beyond its borders. For positive progress to occur, Pakistanis must look into their country’s past to improve the present.

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How Jews Brought America to the Tipping Point on Marriage Equality: Lessons for the Next Social Justice Issues

Amy Dean, Tikkun: In a few short years, same-sex marriage went from being an untouchable political hot potato to a broadly accepted civil right in eighteen states and the District of Columbia. Jews, and their social justice organizations, helped make that happen.

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The BuzzFlash commentary for Truthout will return Monday, April 7.

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Majority Report: Koch Brother Whines About the Oppressed Rich

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After Death of Radical Mayor, Mississippi’s Capital Wrestles With His Economic Vision

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It’s Torture–But Let’s Not Call It That

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The Age of the Oligarchs

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