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Reminder: Bill Hicks and George Carlin on the Continuous Choice between Fear and Love

Thank you Ann! This is an area often hard to face even for those if us not afraid of our own death. It’s difficult to face the loss of those we love even tho we may accept and understand something intellectually, the pain of loss of missing someone is real and we have to live through the process moment by moment . I believe it will be better when approached as sacred and faced with love and mindfulness than attempting to hide from it but still I don’t look forward to it. My own crossing over seems less intimidating by far, at least to me!

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Vandana Shiva ~ Decolonize the Mind

Thank you Laura! I would have posted this myself if I had seen it. I’m so grateful for this community of bloggers who find and share so much good and useful stuff that many of us might never realize existed if not for our friends like Laura!

Laura Bruno's Blog

From the YouTube channel description:

Published on Feb 21, 2014

Most of our cultures across the world have believed in Mother Earth as a Mother and it’s only in this period of the rising of industrialism and capitalism and colonialism that the idea as the Earth as a Mother was destroyed in order to turn the Earth into a reservoir of resources to be exploited.

Right now we can see Mother Earth is rising and say you are an immature spoiled kid and you are going to far and every time a disaster in my view is Mother Earth shaking us up to say get your a[ct] together.

75 % of the food comes from small farms, those who use 25 % of the land and 25 % food comes from those who use 75 % of the land. If those who only providing 25 % food using 75 %…

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Short Message From SaLuSa by Multidimensional Ocea 6 April 2014

Thank you Laura! I’ve been imagining this peaceful world since my high school dreams of nuclear war in the early 80’s. I knew instinctively even before I did the research that Russian people were more like us than different and not evil or frightening. As we connect with one another online sharing our dreams and visions for a better future, our day to day lives and troubles and our love for one another the farcical cartoon of evil enemies “over there” is already crumbling into dust. The Facebook pages Israel Loves Iran and Iran Loves Israel are imho the tip of a very big iceberg of solidarity, love and affection between the people of Earth. War does no good for anyone. Justice and fairness can be brought about faster and better thru many other means.

Multidimensional Ocean

salusa Dear ones,
as the Earth Allies are making considerable progress towards world peace, the time has now come for you to consider the possibilities that await you and your planet when the world finance will no longer be poured into the War Industry.
Let us imagine a world full of life, love, joy and without fear. Peace and harmony on your planet are really dear to our heart.
Many of those in power know that the war industry is a monster that needs constant feeding according to those into power. The feeding with as many innocent lives as possible against an imagined enemy. For in truth, dear ones, there was never a real enemy, other than your own self and dark side. 

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U.S. Navy Implicated in New Mass Stranding of Whales (Greece)

Thank you for sharing this. My heart hurts every time I see another incident like these. I pray the time when life is treated with the honour and respect it deserves will come sooner than we expect..

The ocean update

Ziphius_1-4-2014_SE_Crete_GreeceApril 2nd, 2014. Yesterday afternoon, while the U.S. and other navies played war games somewhere offshore, Cuvier’s beaked whales began stranding along the southern coast of Crete.  Those on the scene knew right away what they were dealing with, for yesterday’s strandings were only the most recent in a line of similar calamities in the region, going back two decades.  And in this case, as in the previous ones, all signs point navy.

Cuvier’s beaked whales are a remarkable species.  They have the deepest recorded dives of all marine mammals, some descending an astonishing 3000 meters below the water’s surface before coming up for air.  Favoring deep water, they don’t strand nearly as often as coastal species, and they don’t strand in number, and they don’t strand alive.

Yet that is exactly what happened yesterday.  Beginning around noon, three Cuvier’s beaked whales came ashore in one spot along…

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Colour Oracle for Channelled Guidance

Thank you for sharing this! I Love it! Even tho as usual I am drawn equally to most of the bright colours-I’ve never been able to pick one of anything especially anything as luscious to the eyes as bright vivid colour or beautiful images;-)

But that’s ok. I used to get angry and frustrated by being told to choose one but I realized that my choosing rainbow when asked my favourite colour or contemplating several of these bits of wisdom together for my week ahead harms nothing.

The lovely bit about growing up-the flip side to paying bills and putting your own bandages on-is that no one can make you do things the hierarchical, by the rules way anymore. (If they ever could! 😉

I am grateful and amazed by Nicole’s creative magic in making things like this. Try it out and see-by the end of the week something you read here will make a difference for you. As Penney Peirce who wrote Frequency and Perception says “Notice what you notice.” 🙂

Cauldrons and Cupcakes

Image from PANTIP Image from PANTIP

“Color directly influences the soul. Color is the keyboard, the eyes are the hammers, the soul is the piano with many strings. The artist is the hand that plays, touching one key or another purposely, to cause vibrations in the soul.”
~ Wassily Kandinsky, Concerning the Spiritual in Art

Here’s a little colour inspiration to start the week ahead. All you need to do is scroll down through the images, choose the colour that most appeals to you, and then scroll past the pictures to read your channelled message.

I’ve had lots of fun putting this oracle together, so I hope you enjoy it too!

Lots of love, Nicole xx

1. Pink

Image from 3rdbillion Image from 3rdbillion

2. Green

Image from SustainabilitySPU Image from SustainabilitySPU

3. Brown

Image from WallpapersDB Image from WallpapersDB

4. White

Image from HD Nature Wallpapers Image from HD Nature Wallpapers

5. Blue

Image from Fanpop Flowers Image from Fanpop Flowers

6. Tangerine

Image from Cooking on the Weekends Image from Cooking on the Weekends

7. Red

Image from RMQ Image from…

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Homophobia Sneaks in Everywhere: From Mississippi to Oregon

I simply cannot understand people who try to use religion to justify hate, exclusion and unkindness to others. All religion is about love and connection.
When Alabama and Mississippi stop using state power to oppress minorities whether immigrants, gay people or anyone else different we will know America has FINALLY grown into the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr’s vision for us.
I’ve encountered a lot (unfortunately! ) of pedophiles and their deep spiritual sickness is as far from normal homosexual people and relationships as it is from normal heterosexual people and relationships.
Blaming and harming ordinary people for the destruction caused by criminals is absurd. Treating everyone with kindness, compassion and equality is a step in the opposite direction from pedophilia. That crime like many similar abusive behaviours is rooted in control, hate, fear and power over. It is a symptom of a culture rooted in hierarchy and trauma conditioning.

Social Justice For All

LGBT Folk Not Welcome LGBT Folk Not Welcome

I could feel my heart being crushed at the news that the Republican Governor of Mississippi, Phil Bryant, signed a bill on Friday that makes it legal to discriminate against people in the LGBT community.  While not surprising coming from Mississippi, it is nonetheless disappointing. Not the first and probably not the last time the state of Mississippi is on the wrong side of history–this is not a state known for equity and equality.

Sadly, closer to home, I realize that the purported progressive Portland, Oregon hosts many homophobes as well. Last week, it came to light that the owner of The Moreland Farmers Pantry, in Sellwood, a Portland neighborhood, spewed her homophobic views. Owner Chauncy Childs posted this on her Facebook page about gays and same-sex marriage: “…a tiny minority is dictating a change of our social structure.”  I guess a population wanting equality and equity needs to be…

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R.I.P. Peter Mattheison: “He . . . always seemed to be of a different, earlier era, with universal, spiritual and essentially timeless concerns.”

Thank you for sharing this. I haven’t read a lot of Matthieson’s books-always meant to but the first one I read “Indian Country” for a class in college inspired my respect. I was impressed that someone so famous and lauded would use his fame to shine a light on some of the darkest aspects of how America achieved-and still maintains her global dominance and prosperity-and the grisly effects this has on the people this nation stole it’s famed prosperity*from*.

It is a good thing to pause in respect for elders who have passed on after long, productive and spiritually focused lives. That used to be the norm long ago:-) but now it is rare enough to be notable and especially admirable as an example to follow.

Those who live their truth with passionate dedication as Matthieson did light the path ahead for all.

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Occupy.2: Let us Spring into Action, Day 3

I tried to share this on Facebook and its being blocked so it must be important. I don’t know if anyone else remembers FIDONET but this whole “we can control the population by blocking Facebook and Twitter” is not as powerful as they seem to think. Using shortwave radio/HAM stations to transmit packets of data we could resurrect FIDO and their blocking would be useless. Young people can probably find a similar solution using the cell phone network- I’m just not very familiar with the technical details of that. Thank you for posting this!

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NorthPoint Astrology Journal April 7 to 13, 2014 Pam Younghans

Today‘s photo: Auroras over Russia, Murmansk region, Imandra, on April 6, 2014 (photo by Valentin Jiganov, posted onSpaceWeather.com)

MARS is beginning to make its presence known this week, through an opposition to the Sun on Tuesday. Mars will eventually be a part of the grand cross configuration that we’ve been talking about, but until this week, the planet has been “out of orb” (too far away) to be engaged in the process.

By the end of this week, that will change. Mars will be at 16 degrees of Libra, well within range of interacting with Pluto, Uranus and Jupiter, all of which are at about 13 degrees of their respective signs.

OUR SUN-MARS opposition on Tuesday will be another opportunity for us to get insights into the energies that are building. An opposition between these two planets can be highly energizing, either to motivate us to take necessary action, or to bring conflict out into the open.

With Mars representing how we take action and assert ourselves, both physically and emotionally, I believe it is very important that we find ways to move the energy — both this week and throughout April. If we do not, it will be very easy for us to experience the down-sides of Mars — frustrations, conflict, irritations, and more.

I’VE BEEN THINKING about what the letters M-O-V-E might stand for, to help motivate us into physical activity and exercise. So far, I’ve come up with the following.

When we MOVE, we can:

  • Magnify Our Vital Energy
  • Moderate Our Vitriolic Edge
  • Manage Our Vibrational Emanation
  • Make Our Options Very Evident (MOOVE!)

Bottom line is, with Mars in the equation now, the pressure intensifies, and having a release valve on a physical level can be very helpful.

PLUTO’S INFLUENCE is also heightened now, not only because it is part of the grand cross. Pluto will go retrograde (backward) starting next Monday, April 14. When a planet comes to a standstill and changes direction, the effects of that planet are amplified in our experience for at least a week on either side of the exact date.

That means this week and next, we can anticipate that we will become more aware of Pluto’s transformational energies. Pluto works to manifest change by helping us be aware of underlying motivations, so that we can transform formerly unconscious intentions, bringing them out into the open.

I OFTEN USE the metaphor of the “Great Wizard of Oz” when describing Pluto transits. When Dorothy and her friends first reach Oz and gain audience with the wizard, they are fearful and awestruck, cowering in front of the manifestation that appears so powerful.

Blessed Toto, like so many of our own four-legged friends, serves as the agent for awareness, pulling back the curtain to reveal that the “Great Wizard” is just a human being, and a rather sheepish one at that.

This is exactly what Pluto transits do. They bring into our awareness those attitudes and emotions that have kept us in fear, and have inhibited our knowing that we are really carrying all the power we need (wearing the magic red shoes) to gain our ultimate desires. Once we see that “the man behind the curtain” truly has no power over us, we gain new levels of self-confidence and can proceed on our journeys with a new lightness in our step.

ASTROLOGER Bil Tierney writes in his book, Dynamics of Aspect Analysis:

“Retrograde Pluto suggests that we have an opportunity to retrace our steps and discover latent sources of power (hidden resources) formerly overlooked, that now can help us further our objectives. This can be a marvelous time to apply more penetrating insight toward exposing those parts of the psyche that chronically resist constructive change on the emotional level.”

The gift of a Pluto transit is empowerment, a new level of strength that comes when we’ve realized that what we once feared truly has no power over us. And, usually, what has occurred is that we have dismantled patterns and attitudes within ourselves that have kept us fearful, rather than doing anything to change the external reality.

AND YET, when we alter the internal pattern, our outer experience must change as a result. Magically, the situation changes, the other person turns their attention elsewhere, the crisis resolves — because we are no longer holding up our end of the energetic jump rope.

Pluto will be retrograde until September 22, giving us over five months to find those hidden treasures of self-confidence and inner power that have eluded our grasp until now.



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