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Homophobia Sneaks in Everywhere: From Mississippi to Oregon

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I simply cannot understand people who try to use religion to justify hate, exclusion and unkindness to others. All religion is about love and connection.
When Alabama and Mississippi stop using state power to oppress minorities whether immigrants, gay people or anyone else different we will know America has FINALLY grown into the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr’s vision for us.
I’ve encountered a lot (unfortunately! ) of pedophiles and their deep spiritual sickness is as far from normal homosexual people and relationships as it is from normal heterosexual people and relationships.
Blaming and harming ordinary people for the destruction caused by criminals is absurd. Treating everyone with kindness, compassion and equality is a step in the opposite direction from pedophilia. That crime like many similar abusive behaviours is rooted in control, hate, fear and power over. It is a symptom of a culture rooted in hierarchy and trauma conditioning.

Social Justice For All

LGBT Folk Not Welcome LGBT Folk Not Welcome

I could feel my heart being crushed at the news that the Republican Governor of Mississippi, Phil Bryant, signed a bill on Friday that makes it legal to discriminate against people in the LGBT community.  While not surprising coming from Mississippi, it is nonetheless disappointing. Not the first and probably not the last time the state of Mississippi is on the wrong side of history–this is not a state known for equity and equality.

Sadly, closer to home, I realize that the purported progressive Portland, Oregon hosts many homophobes as well. Last week, it came to light that the owner of The Moreland Farmers Pantry, in Sellwood, a Portland neighborhood, spewed her homophobic views. Owner Chauncy Childs posted this on her Facebook page about gays and same-sex marriage: “…a tiny minority is dictating a change of our social structure.”  I guess a population wanting equality and equity needs to be…

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