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NorthPoint Astrology Journal April 7 to 13, 2014 Pam Younghans

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Today‘s photo: Auroras over Russia, Murmansk region, Imandra, on April 6, 2014 (photo by Valentin Jiganov, posted onSpaceWeather.com)

MARS is beginning to make its presence known this week, through an opposition to the Sun on Tuesday. Mars will eventually be a part of the grand cross configuration that we’ve been talking about, but until this week, the planet has been “out of orb” (too far away) to be engaged in the process.

By the end of this week, that will change. Mars will be at 16 degrees of Libra, well within range of interacting with Pluto, Uranus and Jupiter, all of which are at about 13 degrees of their respective signs.

OUR SUN-MARS opposition on Tuesday will be another opportunity for us to get insights into the energies that are building. An opposition between these two planets can be highly energizing, either to motivate us to take necessary action, or to bring conflict out into the open.

With Mars representing how we take action and assert ourselves, both physically and emotionally, I believe it is very important that we find ways to move the energy — both this week and throughout April. If we do not, it will be very easy for us to experience the down-sides of Mars — frustrations, conflict, irritations, and more.

I’VE BEEN THINKING about what the letters M-O-V-E might stand for, to help motivate us into physical activity and exercise. So far, I’ve come up with the following.

When we MOVE, we can:

  • Magnify Our Vital Energy
  • Moderate Our Vitriolic Edge
  • Manage Our Vibrational Emanation
  • Make Our Options Very Evident (MOOVE!)

Bottom line is, with Mars in the equation now, the pressure intensifies, and having a release valve on a physical level can be very helpful.

PLUTO’S INFLUENCE is also heightened now, not only because it is part of the grand cross. Pluto will go retrograde (backward) starting next Monday, April 14. When a planet comes to a standstill and changes direction, the effects of that planet are amplified in our experience for at least a week on either side of the exact date.

That means this week and next, we can anticipate that we will become more aware of Pluto’s transformational energies. Pluto works to manifest change by helping us be aware of underlying motivations, so that we can transform formerly unconscious intentions, bringing them out into the open.

I OFTEN USE the metaphor of the “Great Wizard of Oz” when describing Pluto transits. When Dorothy and her friends first reach Oz and gain audience with the wizard, they are fearful and awestruck, cowering in front of the manifestation that appears so powerful.

Blessed Toto, like so many of our own four-legged friends, serves as the agent for awareness, pulling back the curtain to reveal that the “Great Wizard” is just a human being, and a rather sheepish one at that.

This is exactly what Pluto transits do. They bring into our awareness those attitudes and emotions that have kept us in fear, and have inhibited our knowing that we are really carrying all the power we need (wearing the magic red shoes) to gain our ultimate desires. Once we see that “the man behind the curtain” truly has no power over us, we gain new levels of self-confidence and can proceed on our journeys with a new lightness in our step.

ASTROLOGER Bil Tierney writes in his book, Dynamics of Aspect Analysis:

“Retrograde Pluto suggests that we have an opportunity to retrace our steps and discover latent sources of power (hidden resources) formerly overlooked, that now can help us further our objectives. This can be a marvelous time to apply more penetrating insight toward exposing those parts of the psyche that chronically resist constructive change on the emotional level.”

The gift of a Pluto transit is empowerment, a new level of strength that comes when we’ve realized that what we once feared truly has no power over us. And, usually, what has occurred is that we have dismantled patterns and attitudes within ourselves that have kept us fearful, rather than doing anything to change the external reality.

AND YET, when we alter the internal pattern, our outer experience must change as a result. Magically, the situation changes, the other person turns their attention elsewhere, the crisis resolves — because we are no longer holding up our end of the energetic jump rope.

Pluto will be retrograde until September 22, giving us over five months to find those hidden treasures of self-confidence and inner power that have eluded our grasp until now.



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