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Short Message From SaLuSa by Multidimensional Ocea 6 April 2014

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Thank you Laura! I’ve been imagining this peaceful world since my high school dreams of nuclear war in the early 80’s. I knew instinctively even before I did the research that Russian people were more like us than different and not evil or frightening. As we connect with one another online sharing our dreams and visions for a better future, our day to day lives and troubles and our love for one another the farcical cartoon of evil enemies “over there” is already crumbling into dust. The Facebook pages Israel Loves Iran and Iran Loves Israel are imho the tip of a very big iceberg of solidarity, love and affection between the people of Earth. War does no good for anyone. Justice and fairness can be brought about faster and better thru many other means.

Multidimensional Ocean

salusa Dear ones,
as the Earth Allies are making considerable progress towards world peace, the time has now come for you to consider the possibilities that await you and your planet when the world finance will no longer be poured into the War Industry.
Let us imagine a world full of life, love, joy and without fear. Peace and harmony on your planet are really dear to our heart.
Many of those in power know that the war industry is a monster that needs constant feeding according to those into power. The feeding with as many innocent lives as possible against an imagined enemy. For in truth, dear ones, there was never a real enemy, other than your own self and dark side. 

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