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Update: Onondaga Nation’s Request goes International

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Thank you for sharing this. I hope they are successful. I have always admired the Onondaga for many reasons, but the ability to put Canada and the US in their place when they start the over-the-top aggression on 6Nations tribal lands is notable. Even tho the treaty that created 6 Nations is a thousand years old, the Onondaga have frequently kept up it’s requirements despite danger and difficulty. I don’t think it is at all unusual that they should be able to count on much larger nations keeping up the requirements of much newer and less difficult to fulfill treaty based duties.

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Update: Onondaga Nation’s Request goes International

map of the Organization of American States
map of the Organization of American States
via Wikimedia
this image is in the public domain

Last Fall, the United States Supreme Court declined to hear the Onondaga Nation’s request for legal treaties to be honored.

The Onondaga Nation is now bringing the Land Rights Action to the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (the Commission), which is part of the Organization of American States. As Jeanne Shenandoah of the Onondaga Nation says,

“This Commission has demonstrated, through rulings in other cases, a profound respect for the rights of indigenous peoples, demonstrated in part by its reliance on and respect for the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples [the Declaration].”

The Commission has been debating other human rights questions such as whether the “home” of a corporation is liable for the corporation’s actions abroad. It has also been examining the persistent discrimination that underlies violence…

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One thought on “Update: Onondaga Nation’s Request goes International

  1. Thank you for the reblog to help get the word and inspiration out there. I am glad that you are familiar with the Onondaga.

    I like the train of thought that makes the best of the losses in the US courts, so the Land Rights Action has an international stage, and thus an international impact on human rights.

    I, too, admire the Onondaga for keeping true to their principles and fighting the toughest fight, not settling for immediate economic amends. I am astonished by how well they work with their neighbors to create a supportive community here and around the world.

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