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The Oracle Report | Wednesday, April 9, 2014


Wednesday, April 9, 2014

First Quarter Moon Phase: step out, break away, act, express

Moon in Leo

Ruling Mahavidya: Chinnamasta and Kali

Activity/Skill: show that you care; let your mind take a dare

Negative Imprint: fear of change/the unknown

Positive Imprint: embrace change/the unknown

Today’s energy has multiple themes:

Our shadow sides are tempted to come out. Personal fears are triggered. Have you looked up the sign of your Black Moon? You can do this in the Appendix of my book on the Black Moon (available for free on the “Books” tab). Knowing the nature of our shadow sides not only helps us live fuller, happier lives, but it also helps us recapture lost energy that is held there.

Relationships are in focus. We want to make sure we are not putting pressure on relationships and making accusations based on our own fears. People tend to project their own thoughts and feelings onto others today (especially through criticism), so if someone says or does something that is hurtful, look deeper to see if they are putting their own “stuff” onto you. The potential for jealousy, selfishness, and sabotage is higher today. Be thoughtful before spewing.

If you feel stuck, are you resisting change? Change is the name of the game right now. Are you creating barriers? The stars favor leaps of faith that are like jumping into a great void – the vast unknown. While this usually makes us quite nervous, we can trust that change is supported.

Be extra careful when driving. Conditions are ripe for accidents. This may take special effort because our minds tend to wander right now. Beautiful Venus is making conjunction with dreamy Neptune – a fantastic combination that yields the highest forms of creativity and love. It’s like astrological Valentine’s Day. This energy only comes around once a year and it is among the best there is. It will remain in effect for the next four days, so take advantage.

The Leos and Aquarians and those with the Black Moon in Leo and Aquarius are undergoing the third of sixteen stages of rebirth that will transpire through November. This is happening each time the Moon moves into Leo and Aquarius. Paradoxically, the key to handling this is to focus some energy on other people. Compliment others. Build someone up. Is there a role you have been playing (or feel you need to play) that you can give to someone else? Step outside of yourself and gain perspective by looking at what others are going through as well.

Anger and impulsivity are also very high. This is Sun-Mars-Eris energy. Be wise and think before you act.

And thank you for the well wishes while I was under the weather. Much love to everyone at astrological Valentine’s time!