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3 thoughts on “Operation Monsanto Stock Plunge and Panic

  1. Dear Investment / Pension Fund Managers,
    cc: Ned Johnson, CEO Fidelity
    Abigail Johnson, President Fidelity
    Bill Mcnabb, CEO Vanguard
    Josephy Hooley, CEO State Street
    I urgently request that you permanently remove Monsanto’s stock from investment portfolios under your management. In its 100-year history, Monsanto has proven itself to be one of the most destructive companies on the planet, regularly creating toxic chemical products that cause severe harm to human health and the environment.
    As the manufacturers of Agent Orange, DDT, and PCBs, Monsanto’s corporate executives intentionally ignored the warning of their own scientists for decades regarding the harmful and even deadly effects these products had on their workers, communities where the chemicals were manufactured and even America’s veterans.
    Today, this same company has cornered a monopoly on genetically engineering the food that we eat to either be tolerant of the weedkiller Roundup or to contain a Bt insecticidal gene.
    Tragically, under current U.S. law, Monsanto and other seed and chemical biotech companies are allowed to sell their products unlabeled in grocery stores across America.
    Rather than simply support mandatory labeling of GMOs in the United States, Monsanto has willfully ignored the will of the American people (90% of whom support GMO labeling) and spent more than $13 million dollars to defeat labeling initiatives.
    Today, genetically engineered foods are labeled in 64 other countries around the world. Even in Scotland, the home country of Monsanto CEO Hugh Grant, GMOs are labeled. Every year, Monsanto spends millions of dollars to manipulate the rules of our democracy and to protect its flawed products.
    As Monsanto continues to lead the fight against GMO labeling in the U.S. with deceptive PR and ad campaigns, it’s time to remind them that corrupting our democracy to protect their profits has a price.
    By investing in Monsanto, you and your company and millions of unwitting investors are profiting of the abuse of family farmers around the world, the destruction of our environment, the contamination of our food supply and the corruption of science and our democracy.
    Remove Monsanto’s stock from any open-ended fund under your management.
    I urge you to take this important step for people and the planet. 
    It’s time to take a stand for future generations.

    (This is the text that came with this video for sharing it and it’s mission with others)

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