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Support the Jailed Mi’Kmaq Warriors: Court Roundups & Fundraising

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Thank you for posting this! You must be doing some good in the world because when I try to share your posts on Facebook it goes haywire. 🙂 (I’m going to share this anyway!)

Piedmont Earth First!

The Mi’Kmaq stopped the seismic testing in preparations for fracking on their land by a U.S. company

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The Mi’kmaq Warriors, Germaine Jr Breau & Aaron Francis who have been held in custody since the day of the raid on Oct 17th, are now facing trial in Moncton courts. They are currently facing indictable charges for being true to their inherent responsibilities as L’nu people by protecting the lands and waters against corporate imperialists, SWN. We are unsure how much longer Aaron & Jr will have to sit in jail, having already served over 5 months without conviction. The financial burden of supporting imprisoned warriors has been carried solely by the family and loved ones and it’s time that changed. Again we are uncertain as to the outcomes of sentencing, but Jr & Aaron have plead to a number of charges. Support funds will be…

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