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The manuscript of survival – part 410

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Thank you Aisha! I’ve noticed that my own frequency really really affects what I perceive. As in if I feel clear and high frequency I can see exactly what this message is pointing out anout the good and new shining thru the cracks in this dirty old facade of misery and negativity. But when I am ill and experiencing a lot of physical pain, too tired, etc I don’t perceive it as clearly even tho some part of me knows it is there. I am finding that it is imperative that we take good care if and nurture ourselves so that we can flow with the new and be good conduits for incoming light energies.
It just doesn’t work anymore to push myself or slog on thru in head down determination. In order to spread love in the world I *have* to treat myself with love. Not a bad thing at all but really illuminating the old bad habits of ignoring myself while trying to save the world and care for others!

aisha north

The tides they have indeed changed, and so much will change with it, as this incoming riptide of energies will continue to create upheaval in all of the old sediments still obscuring mankind’s vision of reality. For you are still very much in the dark as to what the real reality is, as the great majority is still immersed in this old fog of illusion, or perhaps we should rephrase that into this old fog of disillusion. For still you will see an abundance of negativity around you, that is, if you choose to tune into those channels still busy sending out these same negative signals. But if you have managed to tear yourself away from the old drama still being played out on those old screens that have been set up between mankind and their inner core, you will already have started to see not only through this old…

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