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The Oracle Report | Friday, April 11, 2014


Friday, April 11, 2014

Gibbous Moon Phase: trust

Moon in Virgo

Ruling Mahavidya: Chinnamasta and Kali

Skill: find beauty

Negative Imprint: hopeless

Positive Imprint: hopeful

When Venus meets up with Neptune, beautiful things happen.

The highest octave of today’s energy brings a sublime sense of Spirit and the deepest appreciation of things that are pleasing to the eye. It’s positively heavenly, seductive, and addictive.

But the tendencies to find flaw and feel hopeless spoil the experience, which is a shameful waste. Too much attention on “wrong” choices, “failures,” betrayals, and “meaningless” sacrifices diverts us. The beautiful energy is shrouded.

Cover-ups and concealments ensue with the lowest end of this energy. And money, money, money. Energetics favor a grand heist in plain view. It’s not so secret.

The message is simple today: What do you see?