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Why Environmental Activists Being Murdered at Record Rate?

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Thank you for posting this! I’ve been concerned about this issue since the murders in the Amazon in the 1980’s and the murder of Gypsy Chain defending the redwoods and the bombing and imprisonment of other environmental activists around the same time.

It is disturbing but not surprising that the violence has increased. The 1% know their destructive position is untenable to the masses so seek to profit as much as possible before we stop them-if they can kill or intimidate us into allowing our own extinction for their profit, I don’t doubt they would do so:-(

I am grateful that more people are taking notice of this. For far too long the indigenous on the front lines have been suffering and dying without much concern or even notice from the majority-and the few first world activists who did care were in much the same situation on the receiving end of tactics of extreme intimidation and outrageous violence.

As Amnesty international has shown, the machine cannot operate in bright light so the more we can make this news the safer we will make everyone on the front lines of this war to save our species and the ecosystems we depend on.

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