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Raúl Zibechi on Community Self-Defense

Thank you for posting this. I had not seen this analysis of the reasons for these seemingly endless empire instigated civil wars. It makes perfect sense tho.

Chiapas Support Committee


By: Raúl Zibechi

The Grim Reaper joins protest against the Conga Mine The Grim Reaper joins protest against the Conga Mine

The world situation is very grave. When the flames of civil war in Syria have still not been put out, the crisis underway in Ukraine threatens to elevate the tension, expecting that new fronts will open in the global conflict. The South American region postponed, for now, a greater escalation in Venezuela thanks to the dissuading presence of the Unasur.

Nevertheless, we must look at ourselves in the Syrian mirror, or perhaps in the Mexican mirror, to comprehend that none of those options can be discarded in the most acute period of the hegemonic transition. Permanent war substitutes for State coups, since the imperial think tanks seem to have comprehended that the peoples come out strengthened from the dictatorial regimes, like the ones imposed in the 1960s and 1970s.

Now they…

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NorthPoint Astrology Journal Your Guide to Planetar y Energies for April 21 to 27, 2014  By Pam Younghans

Today‘s photo: Phases of the Lunar Eclipse on April 15, 2014(photo by Jose Flores, posted on SpaceWeather.com)

THE EXCITEMENT continues this week, and into next as well. Starting today, Sunday the 20th, through Wednesday the 23rd, the four planets in the Cardinal Grand Cross are at their closest proximity by degree — which means the configuration is technically most exact (and strongest in influence) over these four days.

We can imagine a grand cross (also called a grand square) as four planets sitting on four sides of a table, each with a different agenda and a different style of communicating. For this grand cross, sitting at the table are:

Uranus, the liberator, the rebel, the planet that inspires awakenings in consciousness and stirs restlessness with the status quo, especially anything that feels like a limitation or expectation. Uranus is in action-oriented Aries, which means our feelings of dissatisfaction very easily are turned into action for change. Depending on where Uranus is transiting through our birth charts, we may be feeling the need for change in our jobs (6th house), our relationships (7th house), our home environment (4th house), or elsewhere.

Pluto, the transformer, the intensifier, the planet that brings powerful desires to the surface as a vehicle for necessary change. Pluto is in goal-oriented Capricorn, giving an extra level of intensity to our ambitions and desires to make a difference. Wherever Pluto is transiting through our charts reveals the area of life where we are releasing old, outworn methods and opening to greater empowerment — perhaps in how we communicate (3rd house), in our actual career or vocation (10th house), or through our use of our time and other personal resources (2nd house).

Jupiter, called “the greater benefic” because the effect of this largest planet in our solar system is amplification — which can be a positive or a negative, depending on what is being magnfied! Jupiter is in emotion-centered, security-oriented Cancer, amplifying our needs for family and home, and also magnifying our feelings of sensitivity and vulnerability. As Jupiter transits our charts, we may be putting on an extra layer of protection/weight (1st house), feeling a higher level of inspiration and creativity (5th house), or wanting to spend lots of time with friends and our greater community (11th house).

Mars, the activator, the planet that often acts as a triggering device for the influence inherent in any configuration. Mars carries the energies of initiation, assertiveness, and pro-activity. However, Mars is currently retrograde (going backward) in conciliatory Libra, which throws most of our typical interpretations of the planet’s effects out the window — or at least restrains them somewhat. Instead of prodding us to act impulsively on our deeper desires and needs, retrograde Mars in Libra is requiring that we first find a new level of internal balance and cooperation between the different aspects of our beings. With Mars transiting our 12th house, we may find that balance through meditation and dreamwork; in the 8th house, through shamanic journeys and psychotherapies; or in the 9th house, through seeking the wisdom and intuitive knowing of our higher selves.

THE TENSION of a grand cross configuration comes from the differences between the signs involved:

  • Aries is a fire sign, motivated primarily by the need to assert and know Itself.
  • Opposite Aries is Libra, an air sign motivated by the need to create relationship and harmony.
  • Squaring (90 degrees away from) those two signs isCancer, a water sign motivated by the urge to protect and care for.
  • Opposite Cancer is the earth sign Capricorn, motivated by the need to achieve tangible success.

The different elements associated with each sign tell us a bit more about each one and how it moves through life. In general, fire signs such as Aries act from inspiration; air signs such as Libra act after mental deliberation; water signs such as Cancer act based on emotional responses; and earth signs such as Capricorn act based on what makes the most practical sense.

THIS IS WHY I feel the most successful navigation of this week’s grand cross will come through staying in balance. Clearly, none of these signs is “the bad guy” that we need to stay away from. Each has its gifts, and its own way of perceiving what is most important.

The problems come when we get out of balance, which usually means we also start drawing on the negative qualities associated with each sign. When Aries is out of balance, we are aggressive or angry. When Libra is out of balance, we are indecisive, people-pleasing, or passive-aggressive. When Cancer is out of balance, we are defensive, shy, or smothering. When Capricorn is out of balance, we ignore the emotional needs of ourselves and others, focusing only on the end goal — “the ends justify the means.”

DURING this grand cross week, as we look around us, and especially within us, we are likely to find both the positive and the negative expressions of each of these signs manifesting. If — – or perhaps when — we do, we can check in with our own energy systems and see where we are out of balance, and which planet/sign pair is needing attention.

If we are angry and restless (Uranus in Aries): Where are we negating our needs and desires? Where are we living by “shoulds” rather than according to the truth of our beings? And, what physical activity can we engage in, to help move the anger out of our bodies?
If we are resentful and caught in power struggles (Pluto in Capricorn): What attitudes are we holding that keep us in situations where we are “less than?” What internal strengths do we need to claim and fully own, that are the opposite of what we are exhibiting when we get caught up in those power struggles? And, how can we release the patterns that keep us powerless, and find new ways to accomplish our goals?If we are defensive or feeling fearful and unsafe (Jupiter in Cancer): How can we truly nurture ourselves and attend to the needs of our fearful inner child, without falling prey to the fear itself? How can we open our hearts in situations when we feel compelled to close them? And, what is needed to reinforce the core of faith and hope within us, so that we know that we really are safe?If we are anxious about telling others what we want, or find ourselves acting in passive-aggressive ways (Mars in Libra): How often do we say “yes” when our gut is saying “no?” Are there ways in which our relationships with others are built on a false harmony, rather than on honest sharing? How can we deepen our relationship with ourselves — the self that is actually our Most Significant Other — so that we have the courage and self-worth to be authentically ourselves in all areas of our lives?

AS WE look at each of these planet/sign pairs in turn, and realize that all four of them are knocking on our door at the same time, it’s clear why this is such a powerful time. Imagine that the table where these four are sitting is actually the dining table in our house, and we’ve invited them in for a meal. And now — NOW — we must find ways to engage them, to bring out their most positive traits.


Ultimately, we want to integrate into ourselves the positive qualities that these four planets represent — liberation, empowerment, optimism, and courage. And we want to create our lives so that we partake of equal amounts of what the signs represent — self-interest and independence balanced with cooperative relationship, and a healthy inner emotional life balanced with productivity and achievements in the outer world. 


Next week — Solar Eclipse! The ride continues. 






NorthPoint Astrology Blog:To read recent blog posts, please visit http://northpointastrology.blogspot.com/. I look forward to your comments!

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Truthout Daily Digest Sunday April 20, 2014


Tech Companies Adopt Astroturf to Get Their (Wicked) Way

Toshio Meronek, Truthout: Tech corporations out to increase their already immense profits have begun funding organizations whose professed goals aim to bring positive change for the masses, but which actually serve the interests of a wealthy few.

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Truthout Interviews John Logan on the Antiunion Campaign in Tennessee

Ted Asregadoo, Truthout: John Logan talks about the unprecedented and coordinated interference of national and local politicians as well as GOP astroturf groups’ efforts to prevent United Auto Workers from winning a unionization election at the Volkswagen plant in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Watch the Interview

Paul Krugman: What the 1% Don’t Want You to Know

Bill Moyers, Moyers & Company: Economist Paul Krugman discusses how jumps in executive compensation may have a profound effect on widening income inequality and explains how the United States is becoming an oligarchy – the very system our founders revolted against.

Watch the Video and Read the Transcript

US Tribe Looks to International Court for Justice

Michelle Tullo, Inter Press Service: The Onondaga Nation has filed a petition against the federal government, alleging that officials have repeatedly broken treaties and that the court system has failed to offer remedy.

Read the Article

The Corruption of Mainstream Media

Danny Schechter, Consortium News: The United States’ mainstream media still pretend they are custodians of “serious journalism,” but those claims continue to erode as the corporate press shies away from its duty to challenge propaganda emanating from various parts of the US government.

Read the Article

Laura Flanders | The Underground Railroad Was One of America’s First Co-Ops: A Black History Tour of Cooperative Economics

Laura Flanders, Yes! Magazine: From slavery to Jim Crow to cities today, African-Americans have been leading the cooperative movement. Author Jessica Gordon Nembhard talks to Laura Flanders about why cooperative economics and civil rights should appear together in history books.

Watch the Interview

Bangladesh Factory Owner Charged With Murder

Kevin Mathews, Care2: Sohel Rana, the owner of the garment factory that collapsed last year, could be subject to the death penalty if convicted. The severity of the charges indicates that an investigation turned up evidence that the collapse was preventable and was the result of reckless working conditions enabled by the supervisors.

Read the Article

Feds Quietly Toughen Standards for Immigrant Asylum Seekers

Franco Ordoñez, McClatchy Newspapers: Federal officials have quietly introduced new guidelines that make it tougher for asylum seekers to get their cases heard before judges. A memo highlighted concerns that previous standards had been wrongly interpreted for those who file “credible fear of persecution” claims.

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The Selective Subservience System

Michael Murry, The Contrary Perspective: “Make enough Americans miserably poor and destitute and a sufficient number of them will join the US military as the least bad alternative from among only awful choices.”

Read the Article

Bending Aid Toward Business

Nathan Weller, EcoViva: In the context of Public-Private Partnership Law reforms, the US is clearly backing the private sector at the expense of a sustainable public sector and rule of law. Business drives US foreign policy in El Salvador; here is what to do about it.

Read the Article

This week in SpeakOut:

Niall McLaren satirically suggests the NSA turn its talents to preventing now-endemic government corruption; Iraq vet Jon Turner discusses the long term impacts of PTSD; the Drug Policy Alliance decries a 13-year prison sentence given to a Louisiana man convicted of possessing two marijuana cigarettes; MPHOnline offers a stunning infographic that details sad realities about homelessness and unemployment in the US while highlighting the potential of “tiny homes”; the American Studies Association points to increased membership after supporting student divestment from Israel movements; Musa al-Gharbi highlights the ways misinformation, disinformation and ignorance adversely affect policy in the geopolitical and tactical spheres; Paul Thomas reviews The Trials of Muhammed Ali; and more.

Read the Articles


The Buzzflash commentary for Truthout will return soon.

EPA Gives BP a “Get Out of Jail Free Card” on the Fourth Anniversary of Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill Disaster

Read the Article at EcoWatch

US Documents Detail Another Delayed GM Recall

Read the Article at Al Jazeera America

Justice Scalia Tells Law Students “Perhaps You Should Revolt” If Taxes Become Too High

Read the Article at The Huffington Post

New Report: More Than 100 Hate Crime Murders Linked to a Single Far-Right Website

Read the Article at The Guardian

State Department Delays Decision on Keystone XL Pipeline

Read the Article at The New York Times

Brooklyn Landlords Forcing Black Tenants Out in Favor of Whites

Read the Article at the Atlanta Black Star

Edward Snowden | Vladimir Putin Must Be Called to Account on Surveillance Just Like Obama

Read the Article at The Guardian

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The Depths Of The New Age Deception…………. CO- Opted Awareness

Thank you for bringing your research to my attention. The CIA program that really expanded if not created the new age movement fits right in with your findings. The out of the frying pan into the fire aspect of people waking up only to be tricked into another blind alley is definitely not an accident or coincidence. Search on MKULTRA for lots of interesting background.

That said, the combination of spirituality and political awareness and creating a better future is itself not suspect or problematic. It is actually a natural fit which can be seen historically from the Druids and Mayan society to nearly all tribal societies and into our modern era with the Diggers, Starhawk and ReClaiming covers and multiple other sincere groups.

Indeed one of the tools of enslavement has been the division of people by religions and the false vitriol between them and between them and atheists and civil society.

There are many interfaith initiatives going on now doing great work in healing communities and political organization for justice, peace and resistance to all sorts of tyranny.

Finally, tho I know this will be unpopular with most I must add that Agenda 21 was *originally* a grass roots project with participation by regular people in I believe it was 67 nations to AVOID and PREVENT exactly those things now being blamed on it.

When we finally got it passed as a resolution at UN it was horrifying to realize that the oligarchs/WTO lot had crippled it by making sure there were NO enforcement provisions and by enforcing a 20 year wait for implementation which would allow them to both co-opt it wherever possible and spend the literally billions of dollars they already have to stir up hatred of and resistance to the Agenda 21.

Every single complaint about it was addressed in the many meetings prior to ratification. Every single complaint is actually dealt with and balanced for in the actual text of the document-unless of course your complaint is that you want to poison the planet, abuse women, children, indigenous peoples and local communities with impunity.

That complaint is taken care of by the coopters as that us precisely what they wish to continue doing:-(

The Second Red Pill

New Humanity/New Earth/OPPT/Fix The World/Agenda 21/Pied Pipers/

After recently looking into the background of an individual called Hope Moore who has had various crowdfunding campaigns to help her raise money so she can present her QEG (Quantum Energy Generator) to the world, I seem to have uncovered (accidentally) a rather dark deceptive undertone to the alternative/truth movement. First of all I am one of those people that has no doubt that free energy is a possibility and I also believe a lot of Teslas work has been suppressed from humanity in order to maintain the current status quo, I also have little time for governments and the creeping ever so closer totalitarian world state, however at the same time this does not mean I blindly believe everything that the truth or alternative movement espouses. What I am about to present is purely for information purposes and for people to make…

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