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Raúl Zibechi on Community Self-Defense

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Thank you for posting this. I had not seen this analysis of the reasons for these seemingly endless empire instigated civil wars. It makes perfect sense tho.

Chiapas Support Committee


By: Raúl Zibechi

The Grim Reaper joins protest against the Conga Mine The Grim Reaper joins protest against the Conga Mine

The world situation is very grave. When the flames of civil war in Syria have still not been put out, the crisis underway in Ukraine threatens to elevate the tension, expecting that new fronts will open in the global conflict. The South American region postponed, for now, a greater escalation in Venezuela thanks to the dissuading presence of the Unasur.

Nevertheless, we must look at ourselves in the Syrian mirror, or perhaps in the Mexican mirror, to comprehend that none of those options can be discarded in the most acute period of the hegemonic transition. Permanent war substitutes for State coups, since the imperial think tanks seem to have comprehended that the peoples come out strengthened from the dictatorial regimes, like the ones imposed in the 1960s and 1970s.

Now they…

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