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The Depths Of The New Age Deception…………. CO- Opted Awareness

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Thank you for bringing your research to my attention. The CIA program that really expanded if not created the new age movement fits right in with your findings. The out of the frying pan into the fire aspect of people waking up only to be tricked into another blind alley is definitely not an accident or coincidence. Search on MKULTRA for lots of interesting background.

That said, the combination of spirituality and political awareness and creating a better future is itself not suspect or problematic. It is actually a natural fit which can be seen historically from the Druids and Mayan society to nearly all tribal societies and into our modern era with the Diggers, Starhawk and ReClaiming covers and multiple other sincere groups.

Indeed one of the tools of enslavement has been the division of people by religions and the false vitriol between them and between them and atheists and civil society.

There are many interfaith initiatives going on now doing great work in healing communities and political organization for justice, peace and resistance to all sorts of tyranny.

Finally, tho I know this will be unpopular with most I must add that Agenda 21 was *originally* a grass roots project with participation by regular people in I believe it was 67 nations to AVOID and PREVENT exactly those things now being blamed on it.

When we finally got it passed as a resolution at UN it was horrifying to realize that the oligarchs/WTO lot had crippled it by making sure there were NO enforcement provisions and by enforcing a 20 year wait for implementation which would allow them to both co-opt it wherever possible and spend the literally billions of dollars they already have to stir up hatred of and resistance to the Agenda 21.

Every single complaint about it was addressed in the many meetings prior to ratification. Every single complaint is actually dealt with and balanced for in the actual text of the document-unless of course your complaint is that you want to poison the planet, abuse women, children, indigenous peoples and local communities with impunity.

That complaint is taken care of by the coopters as that us precisely what they wish to continue doing:-(

The Second Red Pill

New Humanity/New Earth/OPPT/Fix The World/Agenda 21/Pied Pipers/

After recently looking into the background of an individual called Hope Moore who has had various crowdfunding campaigns to help her raise money so she can present her QEG (Quantum Energy Generator) to the world, I seem to have uncovered (accidentally) a rather dark deceptive undertone to the alternative/truth movement. First of all I am one of those people that has no doubt that free energy is a possibility and I also believe a lot of Teslas work has been suppressed from humanity in order to maintain the current status quo, I also have little time for governments and the creeping ever so closer totalitarian world state, however at the same time this does not mean I blindly believe everything that the truth or alternative movement espouses. What I am about to present is purely for information purposes and for people to make…

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