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Truthout Daily Digest Friday April 25, 2014

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William Rivers Pitt | Weaponized Cops and the Future of Freedom

William Rivers Pitt, Truthout: It is hard to avoid the feeling that the tremendous arming of the police is inspired by the fear of unrest looming over the horizon, of rising seas, rising inequality, and the rising sentiment that just because it’s been like this for a really long time doesn’t mean it’s supposed to be like this. It isn’t.

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Corporations Divest Nearly $60 Million From Private Prison Complex

Candice Bernd, Truthout: Civil rights groups successfully pressured corporations, including Scopia Capital, DSM North America and Amica Mutual Insurance, to divest nearly $60 million from Corrections Corporation of America and GEO Group, private prison companies. Could more corporations follow suit?

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Giving Up Essential Liberty to Purchase a Little Temporary Safety

Stephen Rohde, Truthout: A recent court victory for a Muslim scholar, who was subjected to shocking mistreatment by the US government, has exposed not only the dangers of our emerging National Security State, but the shameful efforts of the Obama administration to cover up the government’s egregious mistakes.

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What’s Really Driving Inequality?

Alnoor Ladha and Martin Kirk, Truthout: It’s time to call a halt to the World Bank. Founded to increase prosperity and reduce poverty globally for all, it is driving the inequality that is a defining problem of our times through its “Doing Business” rankings and criteria.

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Despite Community Pleas, Three Chicago Schools Slated for Privatization

Kari Lydersen, In These Times: The Chicago Board of Education has consistently voted to close schools or turn them over to private management – laying off most of the staff in the process – despite overwhelming opposition, anxiety and outrage expressed in heartfelt testimony by parents, teachers, students and elected officials at scores of public meetings.

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Revealed: ALEC’s 2014 Attacks on the Environment

Nick Surgey, PR Watch: An American Legislative Exchange Council internal document – obtained through a records request – provides insight into the lobbying agenda it pushed in the 2014 legislative sessions in states across the country. For example, an entire section is devoted to the 31 items of legislation concerning state standards for renewable energy generation.

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In Landmark Ruling, US Ordered to Release Memo Behind Targeted Killings of US Citizens

Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez, Democracy Now!: In a major development chipping away at the secrecy of the Obama administration’s drone wars, a federal appeals court has ordered the government to release a legal memo that provides the legal rationale for killing US citizens overseas.

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The West Marches East: The US-NATO Strategy to Isolate Russia

Andrew Gavin Marshall, The Hampton Institute: For the US and its NATO Mafia allies, Ukraine and Russia have presented a complex challenge: How does one punish Russia and control Ukraine without pushing Russia too far outside the influence of the Mafia itself?

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Scathing Report Finds Rocketship, School Privatization Hurt Poor Kids

Ruth Conniff, The Progressive: Gordon Lafer’s research, commissioned by the Economic Policy Institute to evaluate the school-privatization push in Milwaukee, is a sweeping indictment of the growing private charter school industry that siphons public funds out of public schools and enriches corporate investors.

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New Law Requires Swiss Banks to Report Customers Evading Tax

Jessica Desvarieux, The Real News Network: Swiss banks have notoriously kept customers’ finances secret but European Union law will challenge that structure, says Bill Black, an associate professor of economics and law at the University of Missouri-Kansas City.

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Thirty-Five Years of a Not-Boring Labor Movement

Jane Slaughter, Labor Notes: A lot of folks are showing us the way who aren’t even union members yet. What these folks know is that you have to exert power through your willingness to get in the way of business as usual. Working people can get somewhere when we go outside the usual channels, because those channels were set up for us to lose.

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Charter School Pirates of Privilege Plunder Public Schools

Mark Karlin, BuzzFlash at Truthout: Charter schools do provide us with a lesson in education. The rich have found a new way to make money off of the poor – and leave the most needy even further behind.

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Paul Krugman | The Picketty Panic

Read the Article at The New York Times

Want to Stop Climate Change? Take the Fossil Fuel Industry to Court

Read the Article at The Nation

Eugene Robinson | The Roberts Court Stacks the Deck Against Minorities

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Military Judge Orders Release of Information About CIA Torture at Secret Prison

Read the Article at AllGov

How Obama Shocked Canada as Keystone Project’s Frustrator-in-Chief

Read the Article at Bloomberg News

The Insane Lie About Slavery That Christian Conservatives Are Spreading

Read the Article at Salon

US Judges Balk at Police Requests for Digital Data

Read the Article at The Washington Post

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