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Will of the People: Fed Up With Propaganda, Unarmed Citizens in Donetsk, Ukraine, Take Over TV Station

Thank you for posting this! It is so frustrating to live where the media blockade and censorship are primarily accomplished thru the corporations ownership and control of the media. We supposedly have free press but the obviously slanted news that leaves out anything contrary to the dominant American view is so widespread. Many Americans are so brainwashed they think that a President who is a very middle of the road capitalist Democrat, with many corporate revolving door appointees in his Cabinet and administration is somehow a “Socialist”. It’s not surprising then that many are completely unaware of the vast shifts in direction and policy in Russia and the surrounding countries since the fall of the USSR.
I’m appalled to read Democrat writers sounding like Dick Cheney warmongering because a Dem is currently President. I hope that news like this about real democracy and respect for democracy and rule of law will reach more American people who are tired if the brainwashing, propaganda and corporations agenda.

Futurist Trendcast

This is breaking news from the city of Donetsk, capital of the industrial Donbass region in eastern Ukraine. Here, thousands of unarmed citizens, fed up with Kiev and Western propaganda, stormed the regional TV station compound guarded by local police. They chanted “Shame on Ukraine media,” “Police with the people,” “TV channel for Donetsk People’s Republic,” and “We want truth on TV.”

After brief negotiations, the police stood down and let people into the building. Only a limited number of protestors went inside to prevent crowding and so not to damage anything. See the video below for live action (Rus.). In the video, you can hear voices, “Careful, don’t break anything, it all belongs to the people.” The majority of the protestors, many women, stayed outside.


The Russian-speaking Donbass region, consisting of two oblasts, Donetsk and Lugansk, has rebelled against the illegal authorities in Kiev that came to power…

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