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Things are not as they seem

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Thank you Denise! I’ve been feeling so much of what you describe here. Physically just awful but with an unusual level of peace about even the frustrating things. I feel that despite all the craziness and difficulty, the good is increasing.
I also recently”got” something Denise and others have mentioned in the past. I no longer feel like struggling to fix certain societal things are my job. I’ve been working for some time to build bridges and open channels between the divided opposition political beliefs among people I know online-even though it’s been really hard on me. I finally reached a point where I recognize that if it is so hard on me, so stressful and struggle filled-it’s not helping anyone for *me* to do it.
It still needs doing. I get that too-but destroying me, my health and my joy is NOT the way it gets done in the NEW.
I recently took a drastic step of removing myself from my primary spiritual community online even tho I love and respect the people and miss them.
I could no longer live with the feeling of being dragged downward vibrationally by reading so much negativity and service to self focused articles cheering for selfish reasoning, for hateful people as heroes and for violence as a solution. I understand now that if people want to choose violence it’s not up to me to either convince them of its nature as essentially part of the power-over worldview that doesn’t fit the new ( “you can’t tear down the master’s house using the master’s tools”) or accept it and “suck up” the cognitive dissonance and discomfort of seeing that associated with spiritual community. It’s okay for me to take care of and respect myself. It’s okay now to follow my own joy rather than grinding my soul away pathfinding and pathcutting for the collective. Since I have always been driven by my mission and duty over anything else this is a good but confusing new open space.
I’m looking forward to feeling well enough to explore it and create a new, more joyful path in the confidence that capable hands are already taking up the jobs that are no longer mine.
I’m only sharing this because some of you may be experiencing something similar of this unmooring from the old without a single channel marker anywhere in sight on this wide sea of the New.
I am so grateful for all of you who, like Denise, share your wisdom and understanding and for all who are sharing this journey. It’s so much better now knowing I’m neither alone nor defective for living this difference of awareness.

Author: ohnwentsya

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