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Daily Kos :: The Further Adventures of Dorothy, the Transgendered Chicken

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The Further Adventures of Dorothy, the Transgendered Chicken
by Sara R May 02, 2014 1:47pm PDT

Dorothy prepares for her ride north, not feeling too happy about leaving her home.

A couple weeks ago, I wrote a plea for help on the off chance that someone in our Daily Kos community would offer a solution: Please help save Dorothy, the transgendered chicken. My sister and I had a problem. One of our beloved hens, Dorothy Lamour, stopped laying after her first season and then began to show masculine traits. Her comb grew. Her wattles grew. She developed spurs. None of these were terrible problems in and of themselves — but Dorothy also began to crow like a rooster. And we couldn’t have that in our neighborhood, especially as we have a neighbor in frail health who needs his sleep. So, with regret, we had to find a new home for her. Either that, or we would need to put her down, something we could not bear to contemplate.

Ann handing Dorothy over to her new caretaker, Jeremiah, who runs a sort of sanctuary for roosters and other birds.

I know it was an odd request but this community came through! We had three potential homes for Dorothy and chose a sanctuary run by a trans man who has a real touch with birds — a real chicken whisperer, we think. Thank you, mntleo2, for hooking us up with this gentle soul!

Dorothy gets fitted with a harness.

We drove over 100 miles yesterday to deliver Dorothy to her new home. We brought Dorothy, a kennel, 100 pounds of chicken feed, and a new harness for her (all the birds in this sanctuary wear them).

We knew we had found a good match when Dorothy just melted in Jeremiah’s arms. She immediately felt comfortable.

This morning, our backyard was so quiet. The remaining hens are missing their friend — and so are we. But it was a pleasure to see that Jeremiah had posted pictures of Dorothy on his Facebook page. So we will still see her this way and get news of her adventures! Yesterday, she went for a car ride while Jeremiah’s friend waited for his truck to be repaired and was very happy.

Dorothy, riding in cars, with boys!

If this story teaches us anything, it is that gender in nature isn’t simple. Also, kindness offers solutions to all sorts of situations. It does! You all are very kind — and Ann, Dorothy and I thank you.



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