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Sakura Saunders on Line 9 pipeline and Barrick Gold mining resistance

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Thank you for posting this! I’m so grateful for this show having a WordPress presence. I’m not good at searching out media whether radio, videos or podcasts but because this is posted here I get an automatic email reminder. If you find these shows as interesting and informative as I do you should follow this blog. Mainstream media pointedly avoids covering important issues because they are owned by the same corporations that are committing the crimes.
I wish everyone who hangs “pretty Indian pictures” in their house or dreamcatchers would get informed and active standing with real living First Nations people who are fighting on the front lines of the war for the survival of humanity and the Earth (vs corporations and the corrupt governments who serve them)

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Activist Sakura Saunders joined Indigenous Waves to discuss the twitter battle she had with former Ontario Minister of Energy and Environment, Chris Stockwell – leading to him deleting his twitter account. Sakura also discusses Barrick Gold, and it’s violent, militarized policies in South America and Afrika and it’s ties to the University of Toronto.


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Originally Aired Monday April 28, 2014

Photo Credits:Protest Barrick

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