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An update and a powerful confirmation

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Thank you Aisha! I’ve been noticing this also with information just appearing and often making interesting connections with others information as well. Like the artist whose work you posted a bit ago gaving so much similarity to an artist my husband had been telling me about-bith worked in early part of ladt century and both were focused on spiritual matters. Because the other artist had illustrated the Thoth tarot deck I had never connected with the deeper meaning in her work until I saw it in the images you posted. The whole experience made me notice the way I perceive things and how value judgements can interfere with clear perception.

It’s a new way of experiencing the world and learning with all these unexpected but fortuitous connections very much illustrating the effects we’ve read about quantum particles at a macro or personal level.

aisha north

Dear friends!

Like many of you, I have receiving so much information lately. Some of it during mediation, but most of it has been in the form of articles, books or films that I have “stumbled across” or that others have found and have been guided to share with me. Much of this information is about the communication between our physical bodies, our consciousness and these “invisible energies”, and a recurring theme also seems to be scientific discoveries being made now that can confirm information that others have predicted or even channeled earlier. It is an amazing process of finding bits and pieces of information in one place that leads you to another, and finding connections between something that at first glance seems not to be connected at all. This is very much an ongoing process, one that so far also involves amongst others my sister and Philip, but I…

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