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The April 2014 Explosion of Change

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Thank you Denise! As ever, your sharing of wisdom comes at perfect divine timing!
I have just experienced the choice part of that separation of frequencies/timelines-again. Tho as often lately the intensity of the new is taking me some time and practice to adapt to.
I have almost always experienced confusion and distress when dealing with lower frequency behavior and attitudes. But now it is so obviously like putting two magnets together with common polarities facing-the huge push away from anyone or anything lower frequency is amazing.
Attempts to share new insights and awareness with those not ready are definitely hazardous to emotional health and stability!
Until I read this was still pondering what I was doing “wrong” in communicating. This reminded me-what I am doing wrong is trying to communicate at a frequency that radio doesn’t receive yet. Ouch!
So, back to work:-) I hope everyone is weathering the changes or even better joyfully surfing the incoming waves: tho I think many of us are just grateful to be dog paddling with our heads above water at this point:-)

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Be the change you wish to see, let's co-create the win-win future we know is possible together!

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