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Truthout Daily Digest Sunday, May 11, 2014

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The Forgotten Mothers

Ayanna Banks Harris, Truthout: The majority of women in prison are domestic violence survivors. Most women in prison are also mothers. This Mother’s Day, Monica Simpson of SisterSong discusses the case of Marissa Alexander in the context of reproductive justice and the criminalization of survivors and mothers of color.

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The Leap to Biosphere Consciousness and Collaboration: An Interview With Author Jeremy Rifkin

C.J. Polychroniou, Truthout: Jeremy Rifkin, author of The Zero Marginal Cost Society: The Internet of Things, The Collaborative Commons, and the Eclipse of Capitalism, describes a world where privatized monopolies yield to collaborative commons.

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Elizabeth Warren’s Campaign to Tackle Student Debt and the Privatization of Education

Joshua Holland, Moyers & Company: Nelini Stamp, the youth outreach director for Working Families, says the “Higher Ed, Not Debt” campaign – which Sen. Elizabeth Warren helped launch – is part of a larger battle over education in the US from pre-kindergarten up.

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Major Report Urges Reform of US Capital Punishment System

Michelle Tullo, Inter Press Service: Since 1973, more than 140 people have been exonerated from death row, but critics say it is impossible to tell how many of the 1,400 who have been executed may have been innocent.

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Louisiana Residents Gear Up for Fracking Fight Just Outside New Orleans

Julie Dermansky, DeSmogBlog: In April, Louisiana residents packed a meeting, expressing fear and outrage about proposed drilling in their community. Right away, they learned two things: firstly, that they’re up against Louisiana’s strong laws protecting the oil and gas industry. And secondly, that there’s no time to waste.

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Truthout Interviews Adam Hudson on Gentrification and Suburban Poverty

Ted Asregadoo, Truthout: Adam Hudson and Ted Asregadoo discuss the ways in which “tech capitalism” is turning San Francisco into a playground for the very rich – as those who are not wealthy get pushed out to the suburbs.

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Paul Krugman | An American Road to Nowhere

Paul Krugman, Krugman & Co.: President Obama’s modest proposal for road repairs and transit upgrades appears to be going nowhere, thanks to a fight over how to pay for it. Asking how we will pay for infrastructure may seem prudent, but it is in fact deeply foolish.

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Putin’s Latest Target: Free Speech on the Internet

Steve Williams, Care2: Opponents of the Putin administration have all been frozen out of state-controlled media and, protesters say, the last place they have to speak out is the internet – and now even that is being encroached upon.

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Keith Ellison Warns Democrats: Focus on People, Not Fundraising

Isaiah J. Poole, Campaign for America’s Future: Rep. Keith Ellison (D-Minnesota), the co-chairman of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, has a sharp warning for Democrats: Focus less on fundraising and more on people and their need for progressive, populist solutions to their concerns about the economy.

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In Mexico, the Corner Belongs to Those Who Work on It

Marta Molina, Waging Nonviolence: On May Day, for the sixth year in a row, sex workers in Mexico City marched to demand their labor rights and celebrate the fact that, after two years of struggle, the city government recognized them as non-salaried workers this past February.

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The Last Lie of an Air Force Academy Cadet

Mikey Weinstein, AlterNet: To be branded as a “not-Christian enough” troublemaker before one even reports to his first duty assignment can have an enormously disheartening impact on a new graduate of the US Air Force Academy.

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This week on Speakout:

Benita Coffey pushes for an end to the torture that is solitary confinement; Lawrence Davidson and Janet Amighi expose how the United States propaganda system works; Dr. Ghulam Nabi Fai argues for self-determination in Kashmir; Mark Kastel of the Cornucopia Institute urges consumers to act to maintain organic food standards; CityTownInfo.comoffers an infographic illustrating growing inequality in the United States; Steven Reisner, president of Psychologists for Social Responsibility, writes a letter to President Obama demanding accountability for torture; William Patrick Martin recommends reading lists for people of all ages; Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity call for an Obama-Putin summit on Ukraine; and more.

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The Buzzflash commentary for Truthout will return soon.

The US Failed to Inspect Thousands of Potentially Risky Oil and Gas Wells, Report Finds

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Rebels Talk of Splitting Ukraine as East Votes on Self-Rule

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New York Police Recruit Muslims to Be Informers

Read the Article at The New York Times

Arkansas to Appeal Same-Sex Marriage Ruling

Read the Article at the Associated Press

Food Industry Giants to Wage Legal Battle to Defeat Vermont’s Landmark GMO Labeling Law

Read the Article at Common Dreams

Protesters in Utah Drive ATVs Onto Federal Land, but Find No Showdown

Read the Article at the Los Angeles Times

Glenn Greenwald: The Explosive Day We Revealed Edward Snowden’s Identity to the World

Read the Article at The Guardian

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