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Truthout Daily Digest Monday, May 12, 2014


Henry A. Giroux | Noam Chomsky and the Public Intellectual in Turbulent Times

Henry A. Giroux, Truthout: Noam Chomsky reminds us that caring about other people is a dangerous idea in the United States today, and he trades in ideas that defy scholastic disciplines and intellectual boundaries.

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The Road to Ruin: Can We Afford the Anti-Tax Movement?

Ellen Dannin, Truthout: The anti-tax movement leaves us without money to meet public needs, while privatization advocates promise that the market will provide. As it turns out, privatized infrastructure depends on public money – and a lot of it.

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The Race for the Future of Newark Public Schools

Owen Davis, Truthout: In the Newark mayoral race, one candidate favors corporate school takeovers while the other wants to give traditional public schools more resources.

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Early Childhood Educators Partner With Union and Workers’ Center, Score Historic Victory

Jonathan Leavitt, Truthout: Last week, historic legislation – expanding Vermont labor law and allowing previously excluded early childhood educators to form their union – was passed in a victory for grassroots organizers, the Vermont Workers’ Center and unions.

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Cornealious “Mike” Anderson and Mandatory Sentences

Raj Jayadev, Equal Voice News: The story of Cornealious “Mike” Anderson, the convicted Missouri man who, because of a state Department of Corrections error, lived free for the 13 years of his prescribed prison sentence, sparked a national debate: Should a rehabilitated man be sent to prison?

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Does Cliven Bundy Represent the Ugly American?

The Daily Take Team, The Thom Hartmann Program: If the United States is to live up to the values we espouse, we must respect and embrace all cultures and societies. Our media should identify and shame “Ugly Americans” like Cliven Bundy and his ATV buddies for what they are: the American Taliban.

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The Three Faces of Drone War: Speaking Truth From the Robotic Heavens

Pratap Chatterjee, TomDispatch: Some people who have been involved in drone assassination campaigns in distant parts of the world, using the fruits of the NSA’s electronic surveillance, are hoping to draw attention to the grave costs of some of the NSA’s activities.

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Chris Hedges | The Power of Imagination

Chris Hedges, Truthdig: Poetry, music, theater, dance, art, fiction and ritual move human beings toward the sacred. The prosaic world of facts, data, science, news, technology, business and the military is cut off from the mysteries of existence. We will recover this imagination, or we will vanish as a species.

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US Government’s New Plan for Internet IDs Has Scary Implications

Kevin Mathews, Care2: While internet activists are distracted with recent attacks on net neutrality, the government is quietly introducing an internet ID program in Pennsylvania and Michigan that – if eventually broadened as intended – would strip internet users of their privacy and rights.

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On the News With Thom Hartmann: Climate Change Isn’t a Problem of the Distant Future, and More

In today‘s On the News segment: Climate change is no longer a problem of the distant future; while our lawmakers bicker over the facts of climate change, college students around our nation are getting busy working on solutions; the world’s largest solar plant is officially operational, and it’s located right here in the United States; and more.

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Ignoring a Solution to Chronic Drug Shortages

T.J. Lewan, Remapping Debate: Since shortages of critical drugs became a fixture of the American medical landscape a decade ago, pundits have proposed an array of incentives to encourage more production. But an obvious alternative – having the government manufacture the drugs – appears not to have made it to anyone’s list.

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Peru’s Conga Mine Conflict: Cajamarca Won’t Capitulate

Lynda Sullivan, Upside Down World: The fight over the Conga mining project is one of Peru’s largest social conflicts. The situation remains tense, with an intensified sense of urgency, because, as the battles are won and lost, many feel that the conflict is nearing its conclusion.

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Big Pharma Inflates Research Costs for New Cancer Drugs by a Factor of 10, Researchers Charge

Mark Karlin, BuzzFlash at Truthout: Prohibitive prescription costs may be a matter of life and death to people with grave diseases. For Big Pharma, however, it is just a matter of price gouging based on misleading research expenses.

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Do Not Replace Honey Bees With RoboBees

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Glenn Greenwald: The NSA Believes It Should Be Able to Monitor All Communication

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UN Report Backs First Nations Against Pipeline Megaprojects

Read the Article at The Vancouver Sun

Nutritionists Are in Bed With McDonald’s

Read the Article at Mother Jones

This One Quote and Who Said It Proves Capitalism Is Dying

Read the Article at MarketWatch

Western Antarctic Ice Sheet Collapse Has Already Begun, Scientists Warn

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Undocumented Domestic Workers in New York City Form Cooperative to Make Money, Pay Taxes and Stay Safe

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DL Zeta | Wesak Energies download Past-Life Skills, Future Time Plan es and ‘Software Upgrades’


In the wake of recent powerful energetic events, the Wesak full moon is now amplifying energies that offer glimpses of moments past and future as well as moments from parallel timelines. The glimpses we receive now are of alternate realities we are energetically tuning into as our frequencies vacillate between third and fifth dimensions. This is a form of cosmic bio-feedback helping us calibrate our vibration. The way in which these energies affect us depends on what we’re working with.

The Wesak full moon takes place when the full moon reflects the light of the sun in Taurus. Also known as the Festival of Light, Wesak is a time when veils thin, bringing light, love and healing to humanity. The energies peak May 14 at 3:17pm EDT but the spiritual door remains open for several days. During this special time of Wesak, it is possible to contact energies which are otherwise not easily available. Great expansions of consciousness not possible at other times become possible. Those who are on a spiritual path are able to take quantum steps forward when Wesak energies are in force.

Dreams bring what’s needed to Heal and Grow

These energies are focused through our present need to heal, learn, grow, and share with the world. Dreams are especially potent now and may deliver the prescription for what is needed in our lives. A person in need of healing at any level will receive dream images of what is needed to restore wholeness. Some dream images depict friends moving away from you. If you dream of people you know walking past without seeing or hearing you, this points to ways in which your path may be diverging from the paths of those around you. You may have dreams where you are with people you don’t know. This may signal new people and events flowing into your life.

During this time you may feel drawn to take up the study of esoteric sciences such as astrology, tarot, numerology, hands-on healing, automatic writing, channeling, and any number of other modalities. This is a time when new spiritual teachers are being activated. Whenever you follow your soul’s desire to undertake a new course of study, you may trigger a download of insight and information from your spiritual escrow account.

Activating Downloads of Past-Life Knowledge and Esoteric Skills

If, for example, you take up the study of astrology and you were an astrologer in other lifetimes, you will activate downloads of your past-life knowledge of astrology. After a session of study, you may suddenly experience downloads pouring into your consciousness with rapid speed, teaching you about all aspects of your astrology chart. The awakening astrologer will first come into a very deep understanding of the blueprint of their own soul’s chart. If you’re working with automatic writing and channeling, you’ll activate downloads of past-life knowledge of off-world communications.

Astrology, tarot, numerology and channeling are some of the esoteric sciences that will be much in demand as large numbers of people awaken in coming times and begin looking for answers. Many parents are seeking intuitive knowledge of children upon their birth to learn about these new souls they will be nurturing and mentoring. Gifted souls are coming into the world, being born to adult indigos and crystals and other spiritual way showers who are here at this time to help hold and anchor the energies of the new earth.

Visiting Future Time Planes and Past Timelines in Dreams

In some dreams you will be taken to visit future time planes so you can understand the significance of what is being set up now and the role you will play in structuring collective realities. Some will visit past timelines in dream states so they can understand their soul’s journey throughout time. Some may visit parallel timelines and receive the steps to shift to a new life track.

Making the Most of this Weeks’s Frequencies

To make the most of these downloads, bring your vibration to the highest frequency you can access by eating light, plant-based foods. Eat green foods to alkalinize the body, get lots of rest, exercise, journal, and take walks in nature. Those who continue to eat meat and heavy foods are weighing themselves down and tethering themselves to third-dimensional realities. Eating green, meditating, doing yoga, following new passions and areas of study will help you begin “youthing” and turning back the hands of time. You will feel your body reinvigorated by alkaline foods. Your spirit will be enlivened by taking steps toward soul desires. Every detail of your existence is calculated into the “equation” of your vibrational frequency. Those who continue to encode the fear and cruelty of the slaughterhouse and other dense realities into their frequency will continue to experience lower-vibrational life tracks.

The shadow is prominent during this time. You may feel drawn to gaze into some darker places and look at some harder realities to allow yourself to see and understand a broader spectrum of human consciousness. In order to expand psychic abilities, you must be willing to see whatever your consciousness brings before you. Sometimes you are shown things about yourself and others you would rather not see. Depending on your vibrational frequency, these may be some very difficult realities. You may experience situations that bring you face-to-face with your own shadow, offering the opportunity to embrace this part of you.

Meditate and Channel in ‘Grid-Free’ Places to facilitate ‘Software Upgrades’

It is important to go into “grid-free” locations during this time to meditate and channel. During times when you raise your vibration away from electromagnetic fields you’re able to undergo “software upgrades” to your vision and guidance. These upgrades may see you rearranging your home, clearing clutter in your environment, making dietary changes, undertaking a new course of study or a journey of some sort, meeting new people, and saying goodbye to some people and situations in your life. You may experience physical symptoms during these upgrades as your body adjusts to the new frequencies. Release resistance and sit in awareness with the sensations you’re experiencing. Ask for steps you can take to assimilate these energies into your body. Affirm you are releasing all that no longer serves your highest good. Affirm that you are opening to the highest and best for you. Ask for and open to receive downloads of love, healing, guidance and understanding.

As we move toward the upcoming Mercury retrograde (June 7-July 2), any way we have not released the past and upgraded our software will trigger challenges and glitches. This retrograde will help us retread any areas that we may have missed during the energetic upgrades this spring. We will want to bring ourselves fully online with the new energies by the June 21 solstice. Old ways of being and doing are becoming less and less effective in navigating the new energies unfolding now. Mercury in retrograde will heighten our awareness of this to help us identify old ideas, beliefs and attitudes and release them.

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