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What Brought Down Russian Satellite? Angela Merkel’s Biggest Fear? Plus Ukraine Election Prediction

Thank you for posting this Lada! I’m so weary of the predigested propaganda that passes for “news” in America. Your blog is a wonderful antidote to that.

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This is a follow-up to my last article: Russia’s Moves: Outlawing GMO and Putin’s Holy Grail Gas Deal with China. In addition to the GMO and Russia/China gas mega-deal, I have discussed Angela Merkel, the Chancellor of Germany. Please go to the link to see what I said.

In response to my words about #Merkel, I received this very interesting comment from a regular reader of this blog and I thought it was so telling that I decided to create a new article by responding to it. Pieter’s comments are always sharp. However, this one perhaps underlines the confusions that exist in the EU. Please forgive me that I am not mincing words. This is because we are talking very serious issues and sometimes you need to say it straight in order to get through the mud of confusion.

Pieter from Europe says:I don’t think Merkel has to…

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