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The Oracle Report | Monday, May 26, 2014

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Monday, May 26, 2014

Balsamic Moon Phase: release

Moon in Taurus

Ruling Mahavidya: Bhuvaneshvari (The World Nurse) and Tara (The Rescuer)

Skill: take the best of what’s available and work from there

Negative Imprint: unnecessary risks

Positive Imprint: protection

Managing expectations is the key to managing today’s energy. Much of this is a carry-over from situations that developed yesterday.

This energy prompts people to begin frenetically chasing something – something that is an illusion and is based in superficiality. It’s a chase of promises only, not reality. Be wise. Make good choices. Don’t be torn away from what feels like home to you in order to pursue uncertainty.

If you find yourself feeling like you have failed or have been defeated (or someone has failed or defeated you), challenge that idea. Practice the skill of taking the best of what is available and going from there. Leave the past behind. Release a burden. Recognize that you are not starting over from the beginning. Much remains for better situations to be built upon.

The Wisdom Goddesses Bhuvaneshvari and Tara remain on duty to provide assistance. Giving something over to them to handle lightens our load. The Balsamic Moon phase is the time when we release feelings, situations, and circumstances that we do not want to carry with us into the next lunar cycle. If there is something you want to release into the past, today is an ideal day to that.

The energy has been intense this weekend. Nature heals us and keeps us sane. Keep your eyes open for stunning spectacles of her beauty and keep things simple. Remember to focus on the positive aspects that are already in place.


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