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Gustavo Esteva: La Realidad is ours

Thank you for translating and posting this!
Everyone please read and share this everywhere. It is inspiring and heart lifting. To be attacked by paramilitary death squads and have a loved one murdered and be able to overcome the pain, sorrow and rage to respond in this beautiful way is the best example of the new world, of 5d consciousness, that I have ever seen.
“Ten years ago, Arundhati Roy anticipated what is happening: “Not only is another world possible,” she pointed out “it is underway. If one listens with attention on a quiet day, one can hear its breathing.” This Saturday, in La Realidad, we entered it. It is already among us. The thing is to multiply it everywhere, in its thousand different forms.” )

Chiapas Support Committee


Marcos with the black glove Marcos wearing a black glove with bones painted on it in white

By: Gustavo Esteva

This Saturday we were able to see, with complete clarity, what that other politics is.

The caravan from San Cristóbal, with dozens and dozens of vehicles of all sizes, was a serpent of many kilometers. After the very long trip, not immune from tension and tribulations, they arrived in La Realidad, a teeming reality of Zapatista support bases that had arrived from everywhere to defend what is theirs and to show the vigor of the response.

The Caracol’s esplanade was filling up little by little. When no one would fit any longer and the sun began to shrink, Subcomandante insurgente Marcos appeared on horseback. On his left hand he wore a black glove with bones painted in white. Instead of his usual weapon he was carrying a machete on his back…

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Truthout Daily Digest | Monday, 26 May 2014

Caribbean Reparations Initiative Inspires a Revitalization of US Movement

Don Rojas, Truthout: An intellectual paradigm shift in the Caribbean and in other parts of the African diaspora – building on the work of historian Hilary Beckles – is revitalizing the reparations campaign that must become a critical component of the human rights movements of the 21st Century.

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The Tragedy Unfolding on the American Homefront

Stacy Bannerman, Truthout: While a teenager recently fatally shot his veteran father in self-defense after he threatened to kill the family, the national conversation failed to register that although veterans must be held accountable, so must the United States.

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Dean Baker | The Wall Street Pension Scam

Dean Baker, Truthout: Every contract for managing pension fund money in the US should be posted on the web and must include the exact fee structure described in plain language so that anyone can examine it and assess whether a particular government is overpaying.

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Reflections on Vietnam and Other Moments of Campus Activism: An Interview With Radical Professor Bertram Strieb

Daniel Falcone, Truthout: Bertram Strieb, LaSalle University professor emeritus in the Department of Geology, Physics and Environmental Science, reflects on antiwar activism in Philadelphia during the Vietnam War.

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Memorial Day: For Vets, Too Many Delays and Not Enough Parades

Michael Winship, Moyers & Company: This Memorial Day weekend is even more poignant as news continues to break of abuses and preventable deaths in the veteran’s medical system – allegations that data was manipulated to cover up long waits for diagnosis and treatment.

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Only as Good as the Movement

Lois Weiner, Jacobin: The education of union officers begins with the formation of reform caucuses committed to union democracy, building the union’s presence in the school, as well as commitments to social justice and mobilization.

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Seasonal Agricultural Workers Left Out of Chilean Boom

Marianela Jarroud, Inter Press Service: Tens of thousands of women employed as seasonal workers in rural areas of Chile suffer high levels of poverty and deplorable working conditions, even though their labor generates huge profits for agricultural exporters

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Michael Ratner | Twitter Storm Between WikiLeaks and Glenn Greenwald

Sharmini Peries, The Real News Network: Michael Ratner, president emeritus of the Center for Constitutional Rights and the US attorney for Julian Assange, discusses WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange’s threat to release Snowden information that Glenn Greenwald says could endanger lives.

Watch the Video and Read the Transcript

South America: How “Anti-Extractivism” Misses the Forest for the Trees

Federico Fuentes, Links: A recent spate of high-profile campaigns against projects based on extracting raw materials has opened up an important new dynamic within the broad processes of change sweeping South America. Understanding their nature and significance is crucial to grasping the complexities involved in bringing about social change.

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Lament for the Long Forgotten War Dead

Robert Sharlet, The Rag Blog: “The strange poetry of war obits, the military fanfare at graveside, the heartrending notes of taps closing a life – all become distant memory. Pain dulls, never goes away. And so it was with my brother Jeff Sharlet who served in Vietnam.”

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Presidential Elections in Ukraine Will Usher in Direct Rule of Oligarchs

Anton Woronczuk, The Real News Network: Ukrainian sociologist Volodymyr Ishchenko says there will be little difference between a Poroshenko presidency and that of ousted president Yanukovich, and that the political rebellion in the Eastern regions is dominated by Russian separatists with widespread support there – not by an independent workers movement.

Watch the Video and Read the Transcript


The BuzzFlash commentary for Truthout will return soon.

Sen. Richard Blumenthal Urges Department of Justice to Investigate VA

Read the Article at POLITICO

Our American Mythology: What We’re All Getting Wrong About Veterans

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Fringe Groups Gain in European Voting

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How Timothy Geithner Failed His Stress Test

Read the Article at Al Jazeera America

Memorial Day: Remembering 70 US Wars, Big and Small

Read the Article at AlterNet

White House Mistakenly Identifies CIA Chief in Afghanistan

Read the Article at The Washington Post

Justice Department to Count Feds’ Guns

Read the Article at The Hill

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The Cosmos in the Heart of a Flower~

Thank you Cindy! Such deep rich lovely colour. And I love the quotes you chose to include! So many people seem stressed out now and this is a perfect antidote. Breathe in beauty, remember the endless breaths in and out of Mother Nature’s cycles of life. In a moment of watching a bee visit a flower our whole life can shift in subtle ways.

When we look deeply into
the heart of a flower,
we see clouds, sunshine,
minerals, time, the earth,
and everything else in the cosmos in it
Thich Nhat Hanh
Deep in their roots all flowers keep the light
Theodore Roethke
Let life be a deep let-go. See [God/Spirit/All That Is] opening millions of flowers every day without forcing the buds.”
Bhagwan Shree Rayneesh
Gardens are poems, where you stroll with your hands in your pockets
Pierre-Albert Birot
In joy or sadness, flowers are our constant friends
Kozu Kokakura
“To analyze the charms of flowers is like dissecting music; it is one of those things which it is far better to enjoy, than to attempt to fully understand.”
Henry T. Tuckerman
Cheers to you from Queen Elizabeth Gardens Vancouver BC~

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Personal Health Budgets in Wiltshire are broken and possibly beyond repair

This is horrible! I’m not sure I even know what the things involved are since I’m not in Britain but it looks very much like what we go through with Florida Medicaid at least as far as pointless lies frustration and nonsense that wear you out, break you down and make you much more ill instead of helping you heal or in any way maintain health. bottom line imho is greed and beauracracy should be banned from any contact with anything involving health care. I’m so sorry you are going through all that. I will add you to my distance reiki list if you don’t mind? At least a little extra incoming energy and support might help in some way.

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North Carolina GOP Pushes Unprecedented Bill to Jail Anyone Who Discloses Fracking Chemicals

Thank you for posting this. I hope my readers will share this with North Carolina voters who can contact their representatives to oppose it. This is the height of corruption when laws are blatantly made to protect corporations interests at the expense of citizens rights and freedoms.

Piedmont Earth First!

by Molly Redden /Mother Jones

Chris Carlson/AP

As hydraulic fracturing ramps up around the country, so do concerns about its health impacts. These concerns have led 20 states to require the disclosure of industrial chemicals used in the fracking process.

North Carolina isn’t on that list of states yet—and it may be hurtling in the opposite direction.

On Thursday, three Republican state senators introduced a bill that would slap a felony charge on individuals who disclosed confidential information about fracking chemicals. The bill, whose sponsors include a member of Republican party leadership, establishes procedures for fire chiefs and health care providers to obtain chemical information during emergencies. But as the trade publication Energywirenoted Friday, individuals who leak information outside of emergency settings could be penalized with fines and several months in prison.

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Marcos Announces His Disappearance

Thank you for posting this!

Chiapas Support Committee


The Sup in La Realidad wearing the black eye patch  with a pirate skull design on it. The Sup in La Realidad wearing the black eye patch with a pirate skull design on it.

At 2:08 AM this morning, Subcomandante Marcos announced that starting at that moment he ceases to exist. In a press conference before the free media that attended the homage to Galeano, the Zapatista assassinated in the Zapatista com munity of La Realidad, the military chief of the Zapatista National Liberation Army (Ejército Zapatista deLiberación Nacional, EZLN), indicated: “if you permit me to define Marcos, the personage, then I would tell you without hesitating that it was a motley one.”

After more than 20 years at the front of the political-military organization that rose up in arms on January 1, 1994, Marcos announced his relief. He indicated that after the Zapatista Escuelita courses last year and the beginning of this year, “we realized that now there…

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Animal Planet falsely portrays wolves as killers “who threaten us as never before”

I hope everyone will contact animal planet. Wolves in the Americas are very shy creatures-and endangered almost to extinction. It is pure evil to portray them as dangerous and vicious.

The Wolf Preservation Blog

Wolf River (Jim Robertson)

Photo courtesy of Jim Robertson

“You can leave a comment for Animal Planet at this number  1-571-262-4899begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 1-571-262-4899 FREE  end_of_the_skype_highlighting – it’s the best way to do so – thank you!


Blood sells but it shouldn’t

I’ve written many essays about how media (print and film) often offers sensationalist and thoroughly misleading stories about various nonhuman animals (animals). Now, Animal Planet is guilty of putting forth sensationalist lies about wolves. Concerning gray wolves, Brooks Fahy, Executive Director of Predator Defense, alerted that they’ve recently written: “Razor sharp teeth, killer instincts, and senses so precise they hear your beating heart, and your fear. They’re on the hunt, and now with numbers growing out of control, they’re threatening humans like never before.”

These lies — there have been only two verified accounts of wolves killing humans…

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Truthout Daily Digest Sunday, 25 May 2014

Dead Babies and Utah’s Carbon Bomb

Dr. Brian Moench, Truthout: A sudden and extreme spike in neonatal mortality in Utah’s rural Uinta Basin is most probably related to the toxic air pollution related to the fossil fuel drilling/fracking frenzy in Eastern Utah. And the local poobahs want to kill the messenger.

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Making an Impact: Are You an Activist?

Tara Holmes, Truthout: “I came to realize that we’re all activists to varying degrees; it just depends on how you look at it. After all, who hasn’t at some point in time in some small way stood up against injustice – especially when it becomes personal?”

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Jury Nullification: Why Every American Needs to Learn This Taboo Verdict

Kevin Mathews, Care2: Did you know that, no matter the evidence, if a jury feels a law is unjust, it is permitted to “nullify” the law rather than finding someone guilty? If you’ve never heard of jury nullification, you’re far from alone. If anything, your unfamiliarity is by design.

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Reproductive Justice: Coming Out of the Abortion Closet

Dennis Trainor Jr., Acronym TV With Dennis Trainor, Jr.: In 2008, the Democratic Party dropped its language dropped its old abortion language (“safe, legal and rare”), which had asked that women not have abortions unless they absolutely must, and changed the official platform.

Read the Article and Watch the Videos

Let’s Stop Searching for a “Messiah” and Build a Movement

Dave Johnson, Campaign for America’s Future: On the left, resources and efforts tend to go into candidates, with so many people looking for a “messiah” to lead them and somehow convince the public of the rightness of our cause. This is an ineffective approach.

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Truthout Interviews Dahr Jamail on New Mexico Politics and Climate Change

Ted Asregadoo, Truthout: Truthout staff writer Dahr Jamail talks about the devastating and accelerating impacts of anthropogenic climate disruption globally and how those impacts are being intensified in New Mexico by the policies of Gov. Susana Martinez’s radically corporatist administration.

Watch the Interview

IRS Delays New Rules for Dark Money Groups

Theodoric Meyer, ProPublica: The Internal Revenue Service has pushed back indefinitely a hearing on new regulations for social welfare nonprofits that spend money on politics.

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Who Is Dayani Cristal? A Tale of Death in the Desert

Julia Paley, Foreign Policy in Focus: A new film, Who Is Dayani Cristal?, offers a look at the human beings lost in the debate over “border security.”

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An American Banking Revolution Awaits

William A. Collins, OtherWords: These tough economic times require creative alternatives to Wall Street, including more state banks.

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Jesus Mandate: Peace and Stewardship

Rev. Howard Bess, Consortium News: Modern biblical scholarship has enabled critically thinking Christians to understand what the historical Jesus actually said and what was tacked on later to serve the interests of Rome and early church leaders, but those original messages remain politically inconvenient today.

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This week in Speakout:

The Left Forum announces its 10th conference in New York City – join us for the Truthout panel Saturday May 31; James Kwak dissects the kid-gloves treatment given to Credit Suisse despite its guilty plea in a criminal tax fraud probe; Muralla Media invites people to a screening of youth justice documentary, Control, also Saturday May 31; Zulfiqar Shah describes how the Pakistani military controls the media in that country – particularly Sindh and Baloch media; Lawrence Davidson discusses the role of the public intellectual, especially during times of war; John LaForge decries the banning of the local Veterans for Peace from participation in Duluth’s Memorial Day parade; Nick Malinowski considers Cecily McMillan’s self-defense from sexualized police violence during Occupy Wall Street in the larger context of the US system of state violence; Mike LaSusa analyzes the significance of Colombia’s presidential election to the peace process with the FARC; S. Rowan Wolf talks about the recent Supreme Court rulings that liken money to speech; the Center for Economic and Policy Research reports that recent black college graduates have been the hardest hit by the recession; and more.

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The BuzzFlash commentary for Truthout will return soon.

Final Word on US Law Isn’t: Supreme Court Keeps Editing

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Elliot Rodger’s Fatal Menace: How Toxic Male Entitlement Devalues Women’s and Men’s Lives

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Student Debt for Alleged For-Profit Education Scam Goes Up in Smoke in Chile

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According to New Research, More Than 60 Percent of US Drone Targets in Pakistan Are Homes

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VA Allows More Veterans to Seek Care at Private Hospitals

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Using Jailed Migrants as a Pool of Cheap Labor

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How the NRA Enables Massacres

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