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Gustavo Esteva: La Realidad is ours

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Thank you for translating and posting this!
Everyone please read and share this everywhere. It is inspiring and heart lifting. To be attacked by paramilitary death squads and have a loved one murdered and be able to overcome the pain, sorrow and rage to respond in this beautiful way is the best example of the new world, of 5d consciousness, that I have ever seen.
“Ten years ago, Arundhati Roy anticipated what is happening: “Not only is another world possible,” she pointed out “it is underway. If one listens with attention on a quiet day, one can hear its breathing.” This Saturday, in La Realidad, we entered it. It is already among us. The thing is to multiply it everywhere, in its thousand different forms.” )

Chiapas Support Committee


Marcos with the black glove Marcos wearing a black glove with bones painted on it in white

By: Gustavo Esteva

This Saturday we were able to see, with complete clarity, what that other politics is.

The caravan from San Cristóbal, with dozens and dozens of vehicles of all sizes, was a serpent of many kilometers. After the very long trip, not immune from tension and tribulations, they arrived in La Realidad, a teeming reality of Zapatista support bases that had arrived from everywhere to defend what is theirs and to show the vigor of the response.

The Caracol’s esplanade was filling up little by little. When no one would fit any longer and the sun began to shrink, Subcomandante insurgente Marcos appeared on horseback. On his left hand he wore a black glove with bones painted in white. Instead of his usual weapon he was carrying a machete on his back…

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