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Truthout Daily Digest | Monday, 26 May 2014

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Caribbean Reparations Initiative Inspires a Revitalization of US Movement

Don Rojas, Truthout: An intellectual paradigm shift in the Caribbean and in other parts of the African diaspora – building on the work of historian Hilary Beckles – is revitalizing the reparations campaign that must become a critical component of the human rights movements of the 21st Century.

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The Tragedy Unfolding on the American Homefront

Stacy Bannerman, Truthout: While a teenager recently fatally shot his veteran father in self-defense after he threatened to kill the family, the national conversation failed to register that although veterans must be held accountable, so must the United States.

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Dean Baker | The Wall Street Pension Scam

Dean Baker, Truthout: Every contract for managing pension fund money in the US should be posted on the web and must include the exact fee structure described in plain language so that anyone can examine it and assess whether a particular government is overpaying.

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Reflections on Vietnam and Other Moments of Campus Activism: An Interview With Radical Professor Bertram Strieb

Daniel Falcone, Truthout: Bertram Strieb, LaSalle University professor emeritus in the Department of Geology, Physics and Environmental Science, reflects on antiwar activism in Philadelphia during the Vietnam War.

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Memorial Day: For Vets, Too Many Delays and Not Enough Parades

Michael Winship, Moyers & Company: This Memorial Day weekend is even more poignant as news continues to break of abuses and preventable deaths in the veteran’s medical system – allegations that data was manipulated to cover up long waits for diagnosis and treatment.

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Only as Good as the Movement

Lois Weiner, Jacobin: The education of union officers begins with the formation of reform caucuses committed to union democracy, building the union’s presence in the school, as well as commitments to social justice and mobilization.

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Seasonal Agricultural Workers Left Out of Chilean Boom

Marianela Jarroud, Inter Press Service: Tens of thousands of women employed as seasonal workers in rural areas of Chile suffer high levels of poverty and deplorable working conditions, even though their labor generates huge profits for agricultural exporters

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Michael Ratner | Twitter Storm Between WikiLeaks and Glenn Greenwald

Sharmini Peries, The Real News Network: Michael Ratner, president emeritus of the Center for Constitutional Rights and the US attorney for Julian Assange, discusses WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange’s threat to release Snowden information that Glenn Greenwald says could endanger lives.

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South America: How “Anti-Extractivism” Misses the Forest for the Trees

Federico Fuentes, Links: A recent spate of high-profile campaigns against projects based on extracting raw materials has opened up an important new dynamic within the broad processes of change sweeping South America. Understanding their nature and significance is crucial to grasping the complexities involved in bringing about social change.

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Lament for the Long Forgotten War Dead

Robert Sharlet, The Rag Blog: “The strange poetry of war obits, the military fanfare at graveside, the heartrending notes of taps closing a life – all become distant memory. Pain dulls, never goes away. And so it was with my brother Jeff Sharlet who served in Vietnam.”

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Presidential Elections in Ukraine Will Usher in Direct Rule of Oligarchs

Anton Woronczuk, The Real News Network: Ukrainian sociologist Volodymyr Ishchenko says there will be little difference between a Poroshenko presidency and that of ousted president Yanukovich, and that the political rebellion in the Eastern regions is dominated by Russian separatists with widespread support there – not by an independent workers movement.

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The BuzzFlash commentary for Truthout will return soon.

Sen. Richard Blumenthal Urges Department of Justice to Investigate VA

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How Timothy Geithner Failed His Stress Test

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White House Mistakenly Identifies CIA Chief in Afghanistan

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Justice Department to Count Feds’ Guns

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