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The grain of sand that makes the pearl

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Thank you Aisha! This so illuminated the ideas and feelings I have been having about our global connectedness. The coral especially makes so much sense. We are individuals but also cells in the body of a greater whole organism like Gaia. Elizabet Sahtouris wrote about this pattern of reality where everything is both itself and also pieces and parts of larger conscious organisms. She used Gaia to explain that it goes all the way up-ie Universe is alive and aware and all the way down to the tiny one celled creatures that came together to be us-they are still in us we just don’t realize their individuality because we are so used to thinking of them as say our mitochondria or our digestive enzymes.
It’s so beautiful to be part of this awakening and be able to share it with all of you!:-)

aisha north

Dear friends!

So much has started to sprout here these last 24 hours or so, and much of it was started by Philip and Bixie and what you shared around the topic Philip calls the “Infinite Silence”. This has triggered so much in many of us, so thank you for setting off this shower of sparks, and thank you to everyone who has added their insights to this!

I was woken up at around 2:30 this morning and guided to go into meditation again, and I set my intention to enter this “Infinite Silence”, and just like the night before, I chose to do it while connecting even deeper to this Pond like the CCs suggested we do in their previous message to us. As I connected to the energies, I was hoping for another experience similar to the one Philip describes, that blissful state of “coming home” and feeling…

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