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Marcos: Between Light and Shadow

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Thank you for posting this! I have never before felt so joyful and grateful to be indigenous and to have spent a lifetime struggling to share the truth, to live from the heart and with respect for all living beings. Despite being spit on, insulted, harassed, ignored, mocked and belittled I could never accept that the world built by the violence and lies of colonization was *real*. It can only be a nightmare from which we will soon awaken.
In school I was told that all the indians were dead, that I should give up and learn to be white; that power over is the way the world IS and cannot be questioned or changed; that community rooted in love, respect and equality was a pipe dream called “Utopia” not a real world that colonization was destroying-that would be reborn from the ashes of Empire as I believed.
But you have proven them wrong on every level. Colonization did not destroy what it could not comprehend; you are all living proof that with dedication and love the real world can be rebuilt and lived.
To my readers-if you want to join in co-creating the new world, the “5D” , post Shift reality-**this** is how it works. Not currency controls imposed from above by secret insiders, or complex legal machinations between rival factions of top down controllers, or shimmering dream worlds brought as gifts from the very same spaceships that never did take the Mayan people away anywhere at all. It is built by living it right NOW as the Zapatistas have beautifully demonstrated.
By acting in solidarity with them and others like us across all borders and boundaries we can birth the world we know is possible instead of waiting and waiting and waiting for some leader-teacher-master-superior to give it to us.

Chiapas Support Committee


In La Realidad [Reality], Planet Earth

May 2014

Compañera, compañeroa, compañero:

Good evening, afternoon, or morning, whichever it may be in your geography, time, and way of being.

Good very early morning.

I would like to ask the compañeras, compañeros and compañeroas of the Sixth who came from other places, especially the compañeros from the independent media, for your patience, tolerance, and understanding for what I am about to say, because these will be the final words that I speak in public before I cease to exist.

I am speaking to you and to those who listen to and look at us through you.

Perhaps at the start, or as these words unfold, the sensation will grow in your heart that something is out of place, that something doesn’t quite fit, as if you were missing one or several pieces that would help make sense of…

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